There’s a significant new player in the children’s footwear industry that is pleasing both parents and kids alike. Roc-A-Bouts® (, a division of rapidly-expanding KLAS Shoes of Massachusetts, features an extensive assortment of sturdy, stylish and affordable girls’ and boys’ footwear for spring 2010. The season’s most appealing children’s shoes run the gamut -- from brightly colored Mary Jane’s to metallic flats to functional yet stylish sandals.

“This season even casual footwear sparkles with eye-catching embellishments and vibrant colors,” explains KLAS Shoes President Charlie Liberge, parent company of the popular Roc-A-Bouts® children shoe brand. “Today’s youths seek trendsetting styles, while parents look for quality and value. The Roc-A-Bouts® line merges fashion and function and has become a runaway favorite with both kids and their parents.”

Spring Footwear Color: Beyond the Basics
Spring 2010 footwear trends are highly evolved. For girls, look for whimsical embellishments such as bows, straps, glitter and appliqués. For boys, look for Velcro closures, colorful canvas and geometric buckles. In terms of colors, black and fuchsia combinations are popular as are multicolored prints and basic (but not boring) black.

 Popular Styles for Under $30!
“Children out grow their shoes so fast that it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on each pair of shoes”, advises Roc-A-Bouts® President Charlie Liberge. “And you have to consider that today’s kids require more than one pair – sneakers, sandals, boots and dress shoes are all part of a typical shoe wardrobe. A parent’s best bet: look for well made shoes that provide fit and comfort -- at prices that are affordable”. He added, “You want kids to be active and have fun; their shoes need to be as durable as they are.”



About Roc-A-Bouts®

Filling a much needed void in the children’s footwear category, Roc-A-Bouts® has been an instant favorite with kids and parents alike.  With the majority of offerings in the $19.99 to $39.99 price range, Roc-A-Bouts® offers fashionable children shoes that are sturdy and comfortable.  Roc-A-Bouts® offers a full range of children’s footwear categories including newborn, pre-walker, toddler and youth. Styles include sandals, casual shoes, athletic footwear and boots. One of the key advantages of the Roc-A-Bouts® line is depth and breadth of selection; the shoes are available in medium and wide sizes, ensuring a proper fit and maximum comfort.

Roc-A-Bouts® are available in over 300 stores across the country as well as on such well known websites as and 

About KLAS Shoes
Headquartered in Bedford, MA, KLAS Shoes is a shoe manufacturer with brands that range from kids to adults, comfort to wellness and fit to fitness.  The four primary KLAS Shoes product lines include Roc-A-Bouts® (children’s footwear), Rotasole®, KLASFit (stylish footwear for those experiencing medical discomfort such as diabetics and those with arthritis), and STROLL EEZ™ brands.  KLAS Shoes is committed to delivering True Worth to the retailer and the consumer – designing, developing, producing and selling products that take into account the ever-changing economic environment. KLAS Shoes consistently delivers the highest quality merchandise, striving to insure that each brand exceeds the needs and expectations of the customer.

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