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Alphabet game

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    Re: Alphabet game

    W -
    Our last name starts with W so it is one of DD's favorite letters.  I can guarantee there are at least a few W's written on pieces of paper (per her request) somewhere in her room. 

    Her favorite recent activity is to sit at her drawing table, urge me to join her, and then inform me we are going to be "drawing grocery lists."  She then dictates items to me so I can write them down on our list.  They are always fantastic lists like "waffles. ice cream. maple syrup.  bird seed. toilet paper. freeze pops. avocados."

    It cracks me up that she thinks making a grocery list is wicked fun.  Life is so exciting and magical for a toddler. 
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    Re: Alphabet game

    X- Xbox games.  DS got one for Christmas and has games in his room and in the living room where the system is. 
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    Re: Alphabet game

    Y - yellow. My daughter's favorite color ever since she was tiny. It was one of her first words (yeah-ya) and we have a huge collection of ducks - soft for cuddling and rubber for the tub.
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    Re: Alphabet game

    Z is for zebra.  They have the Little People's Noah's Ark in their room and zebras are some of the animals that come 2 by 2.  DS and DD2 like to chew on their heads and DD1 loves horses so she just thinks they are black and white horses. 

    And we made it to Z!!!