Autism Dance/Movement Classes

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    Autism Dance/Movement Classes

    Do you have a child with Autism? Do you have a friend who has a child with Autism? If so and you want him or her to experience a movement/dance class taught by an Autism Specialist and Special Education Teacher at a long running dance studio please let us know that you are interested. We are looking to start classes this year! We are excited to have a trained Autism specialist who is also a Special Education teacher work with your children. Mommy and me classes may also be offered at some point this year for parents and their child with Autism. 

    Classes may also be offered for children with a variety of special needs if interest is shown. We want everyone to have the option to dance! 

    Please respond to post if interested. Dance Studio is in Arlington Ma 
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    Re: Autism Dance/Movement Classes

    I am a Special Education teacher and I was wondering if you could send me more information about the class and your studio.  I can send you my email address.  At my school we have numerous children on the spectrum as well as a variety of other special needs and this might be a great experience for them.  I would like to have more info. to give to some of the parents in case they are interested.  Please let me know if you have more info available and I will send either my email or snail mail address.  
    Thank you!