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    Juliper gave you great advice.� There are so many people who will tell you autism is caused by xxxx or not caused by xxx -� a real hot button right now.� I say talk to the people who do the research and get an informed answer - good luck to you.� My own child has a genetic condition, and we were shocked at all the free BAD advice we got from people (unsolicited) �- stick with the professionals and try and zone out the people with a "mission" to educate you� :)

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    You should talk with a genetic counselor if you are thinking about TTC and you want to know about the hereditary possibilities. Your DH can probably get a referral from his primary care doctor. The visit will primarily be about your DH's family history and possibility of passing on certain disorders, but they will probably do a quick workup on your family as well.

    I can't believe I am recommending this because we actually had a horrible experience with the genetic counselor. But I believe it was just the one doctor we saw who was so arrogant that he didn't check his facts before he met with us. He told us we had a 50% chance of passing on a rare condition my DH has, but after a lot of our own research and meeting with a couple of specialists, we concluded that there is no way that is actually true.

    Anyway if you can find a genetic counselor who specializes in Autism, you will probably have better luck getting the real story from him/her.