Baby Modeling?

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    Baby Modeling?

    Has anyone had good/bad experiences with baby modeling in the Boston area? I'm specifically interested in any information regarding Model Club Inc. I'd appreciate any info. They require $175 up front, everything I read says that you should never have to pay a fee up front for an agent considering they take a percent anyway, but they are a member of SAG and I can't find any negative reviews on them.
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    Re: Baby Modeling?

    Thank you trackqtlm I appreciate your story!

    Hi. I had signed with this agency a while back. I was not impressed at all. I had my photos done which came out terribly and I paid $200. I had photos done when I was 15 by a woman who was just starting out and I paid $80 and they were 10 times better. Then whoever put my comp card together obviously did not know what they were doing since the picture on the front looked nothing like me, was terrible, and clearly would get me no work. However, I figured they knew what they were doing and when I said I did not like the picture the comment was clearly not taken seriously. So after a year I went in to talk to them about doing acting since modeling was going nowhere. They basically ent me on go sees and auditions that were open to the general public and nto exclusive to just modeling agencies and things I could have found on my own. They also gave me no advice on what to wear and never told me what the shoot was for even after I asked. So when I went in to get more comp cards and talk about acting the director asked why I was there and who I was. He made me feel terrible like I was doing something wrong when I had previously called and the woman on the phone said I could come in to pick up more cards. He also sat me down and asked me a whole bunch of questions. He pretty much thought I was lying about being a model/actor at the agency. Even though he was the one who I had originally met with when I signed. Weird. At this meeting he told me that my comp card would need to be re-worked since it was terrible and that it would cost $195 and had to be paid immeadiately which seemed starnge. Then I met with their "new" acting agent. The old one I had met with was not there anymore. This new girl said I did not need my photos re-done and could just print my headshots out on my own, which I liked. However, she later called me and said I would need to get my pictures redone which would cost $400. This was where I drew the line. I am currently trying to find a reputable agency, who will treat me fairly, actually send me on auditions, give me advice, and know that they represent me. MCI seems to concentrate on a very select few number of people. They are in it to make money and not off comission. I think they really do sign everyone. I have never heard of someone being turned down. Weird. They also told me that for $195 they were ordering a 3 year supply of comp cards. Clearly a lie. It is a long comment. But I hope it helps.
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