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Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

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    Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    Hi Ladies,
       My best friend is having her first baby and I wanted to put together a basket of things that you need, but don't know you need them until the time comes.  For example, when my daughter had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic we used Aveno Oatmeal Bath, but we had to make a trip to the store to get it.  So I have list but was hoping for more idea's.  thanks ladies!!!

    Diaper Sacks: For all of those greenish-yellow runny blow-out diapers you wont want to put straight in anyone's trash!
    Pacifier Wipes: For those fussy times where she will throw her paci on the floor.
    Stain Remover: For those runny blow-outs that happen in those "she will only wear this to a nice place" expensive outfits!
    Back Seat Mirror: So you don't freak out while driving becuase you can't her her making noise - then you don't have to pull over every five minutes.
    Baby Nail Files: For those nails you will have to clip super fast while she sleeps - trust me, you won't get a smooth trim!
    Portable Changing Station; For those inconsiderate places with no changing table OR for those long drives where she blows out & you have to use your car as a restroom.
    Boogie Wipes: For all of those crusted boogers that you don't want to pick with your bare hands.
    Nipple Cream: For your crusted, cracked, sore, raw, red nipples... you will be gobbing this crap on inside your bra! Also good as chapstick :)
    Hand & Face Wipes: For all of the messy stuff she will get into & try to put in her mouth. Also good to sanitize dropped toys & cart handles!
    Soothing Nipple Wipes: For those sore, raw, soon-to-be leather nipples she will suction onto several times daily.
    Milk Feeding Bibs: For those super messy bottle feedings the milk doesn't curdle in her neck rolls.
    Swaddle Wraps: For the times when your baby won't stop screaming or go to sleep unless she is wrapped up like a burrito...the tighter the better!

    I also have the following:

    Orajel sticks

    Fussbuster cd

    Teething tabs

    Mylicon gas drops

    Vapor baby bath

    Aveno oatmeal bath

    Baby Vicks vapor rub

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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    I'm not trying to be a kill-joy, but honestly, that huge list of stuff would scare me to death as a first-time mom. I would think, "OMG. I MUST HAVE something special for *every possible* scenario???" I have 2 children and have only used 3-4 things on your list. Must-haves vary so much from baby-to-baby. And, a lot of infant care can happen without a specific "baby-marketed" product. Just my opinion, sorry.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    I think a baby gift basket is a great idea, but I agree with Kiwi that I might just cut it in half or so.  Also, you may not want to include any breastfeeding supplies just in case something happens and she is not able or chooses not to breastfeed (even if she's planning to now).

    A friend of mine gave me a similar basket (but with about 1/3 the contents) and I loved it.  It also included some "fun" things like bubble bath for me, etc.

    The things on your list I used most as a new mom (talking about when DD was an infant) were:
    Nail files
    Portable Changing station
    Swaddle blankets (can be used for so many things)

    It's a very nice and generous idea.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    Wow, what a great friend she has!!
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    Triple paste!  I always give triple paste to every new parent I know.  I should seriously be their sales rep.  I think I am one of their best customers.  LOL.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    I am with Poppy and Kiwi about cutting the list back. Also with Poppy about the BF'ing supplies. I was very gung ho to BF and was not able to, and it took me weeks to get past the guilt and nearly went into PP depression territory because of it.

    On your list I have used:
    Diaper sacks (but really, a regular shopping bag works fine)
    Back seat mirror
    Gas drops (we had a very gassy baby - not everyone will need these)
    Oatmeal bath
    Swaddle blankets - but she'll probably get 100 of these at her shower
    Hand wipes - still use these alot. DD is self-feeding now so it gets messy

    A couple things we didn't have and had to end up going out to buy were:
    - thermometer
    - a good all around book for caring for baby. I liked Your Baby's First Year. Very comprehensive.
    - Bottle supplies (see above - but I wouldn't recommend this either!).

    It's a very thoughtful idea.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    Portable changer:  pick up a packet of those disposable blue-backed absorbant hospital pads, for the away-from-home blowout diaper change (or just if you're visiting someone, grandma is babysitting at her house, or at a hotel, etc) so you're not having to cart home a really gross washable pad.  Expensive for everyday but great for travel.

    Diaper disposal baggies:  Might look stingy as a gift, but the doggie pickup bags from the 99 cent store are cheaper and work just as well.

    Don't give a backseat mirror or other safety devices. If she feels the need for one, let her get it herself.  People don't like being told what to fear, if she doesn't want to use it she may feel unnecessarily judged.  Kind of like how stores now stock cart wipes.  Used to be if you felt strongly about it, you brought your own.  Now they've got them right there, so anyone who chooses NOT to use them stands out.

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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  I will def cut the breast feeding and bottle supplies off the list.  I could go through and cut the list down some too, I certaintly do not want to overwhelm her.  Thanks everyone.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    All those wipes you mention can be taken care of with simple baby wipes. My kids are 2 1/2 and we still have them everywhere in the house for hands, faces, spills, etc.
    I always used ziploc bags for messy diapers. They really kept the smell in until I could get home to the diaper pail.
    One thing I'd add that she may not know she needs is a Phillips head screwdriver in a small size and AA and AAA batteries.  :)
    My brother the dentist says Orajel is a no-no and that it doesn't really work anyway. I'd suggest Sophie the Giraffe instead - pricey but so worth it for a teething baby.
    And I personally would have never put Vapor Rub on my twins without an okay from my doctor.
    And like RedSoxFan - not being able to nurse my babies left me with horrible feeings of guilt and sadness. Guess it's a third rail thing for those of us who wanted to and couldn't.
    I do think a gift basket is a great idea. I'd throw in some bath toys or a rattle or something. It's always nice to have some things that are just fun instead of a "necessity."
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    along the same lines as lily, one other fun thing I have gotten for the last few pregnant ladies in my life is a CD - I haven't gotten very many, despite receiving tons of gifts, and we use music a lot. They make personalized CDs (if they know the name), we have soothing music for bedtime, my DS loves the wiggles, etc. In addition, if your friends enjoy "heavier music" they actually make "Rockabye" cd's (amazon sells them) things like Metalica with harps. several of my friends were so excited about these cd's because they hadn't seen them elsewhere and it allowed them to "keep" part of their pre-parenting personas. 
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea's

    I agree with the bottle/bf suggestion of removing it...
    I use the diaper sacks all the time.
    I tend to throw in a pack of cloth diapers as they make wonderful burp cloths (much bigger and more absorbent and softer than the fancy ones) and they are great to have around to wipe up after a baby boy spray incident, spills, spitup etc.  We used them all the time with our first and now include them everytime and people love them.
    rubber tipped spoon and plastic bowl - we did not think to register for this stuff but someone gave them to us and we were grateful to have it when DS started on puree's.
    Diaper rash creme - I prefer Beaudreaux's butt paste but it is good to have a sampling to see what one prefers.
    Covers for the changing table - not the fitted ones but the big flat ones.  We went through these like crazy (boys will be boys) plus I carry them with me in the diaper bags for on the go changes.  They fold up nice and small, and cover a large swath of changing surface. 
    Hand Sanitizer Gel - we kept this stuff everywhere so when done changing a diaper we could quickly clean our hands before moving baby to a secure surface to actually wash hands.  Plus as you start getting colds or having visitors it is good to have around. Big ones for the house small ones for diaper bag!
    Then I agree with misslily - books, toys, larger sized blankets for putting baby down on etc are all fun additions.