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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Hi ladies,

    I am going to a baby shower and am in need of a fun/unique/useful gift idea. The parents are registered, however, I admit I've waited to the last minute to buy something, and the registry is pretty picked over. I am not a parent myself, so I thought asking a group of parents might be helpful on my quest for the perfect gift! We do not know the sex of the baby, so it has to be gender-neutral. If you have any ideas, especially themed ideas, send them my way! Thanks!
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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    A friend of mine had a baby last year and says she wishes someone had gone and bought her a bunch of "board books" - books for babies that have cardboard pages so they are easy to turn and don't tear.
    You could stop off at Borders and pick up a bunch. I bet your friend would love to have a "starter library."
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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    My "go to" gift for baby showers is a "Taggies" blanket. They are fleece blankets that have all sorts of different textured ribbon tags around the edge of the blanket. It goes with the theory that babies are fascinated by touch and textures. (I remember loving the satin edges of my old security blanket when I was a child.) They come in lots of different sizes and colors.I've also just recently seen that they also have stuffed animals with the tags.

    I get mine at the local Hallmark store, but you can also find them online.
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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    My standard baby-shower gift is something I found quite useful myself and it doesn't seem to be a common gift. It is called a Tiny Diner and is made by Kiddopotamus. They come in yellow, green, pink, and blue. Some are hippos, which I have or they have one that is a Hey Diddle, Diddle one.
    You can get them online at Amazon or other vendors, or if you are short of time, I have bought them at Target before, although youmay want to call ahead.
    Diapers, while not exciting, are always good.
    Boudreaux's Buttpaste - funny name, but it works really well.
    Love the organic cotton pilot's cap for either gender from Hanna Andersson. Great for summer or winter.
    Or a Halo Sleepsack.

    Also a nice idea to get something for the mother along the lines of spa items (candles, soaps, etc) or a gift certificate for a mommy massage.

    That's all I've got. Hope that helps!
    Good luck.
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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Are there small things on the registry that you can put together in a basket? I do love Bizz's laundry basket idea. Someone did something similar for me and it is nice for the baby to have their own laundry basket. I have also seen a diaper cake. You can find the directions on line. It makes the gift of diapers more interesting. Another idea is a gift certificate for prepared food. Once baby comes home that will be very much appreciated. My suggestion if you go off registry is to make sure you get a gift receipt! Stores are making it more difficult to return/exchange with out a gift receipt.
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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    I loved themed basket idea's when I was pregnant. Some of the things that I was glad I got or had to run out for were a few health related items like a humidifier, Infant Tylenol (had a small bottle in a gift set, but needed more as the months went on), thermometer. Clothes, diapers, etc in the next size(s) up were also helpful. The laundry basket idea is a great one... I recieved that as well, and the bottle of Dreft lasted me quite a while. Gift cards were also helpful...we were able to get a few things later on that we didnt know we were going to need, and the gift cards were handy.

    You have some fabulous ideas so far... you really cant go wrong with any of them!

    Best of luck and have fun!

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    Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    since the resitry has already been picked over this might not help, but i ususally do the bathroom theme. the tub, towels, wash clothes, baby shampoo and bosy wash, a couple little tub toys. something along those lines.

    i have also sone some of DD favorite board books which always a huge hit with other kids as well.

    PP's are right you can never have too many diapers, onesies, burp clothes....ooh how about a "diaper bag" theme - get things that are travel size: diaper rash cream, burp clothes, small pack of diapers, some little travel toys, put them all in a carry-all bag...that might get expensive.
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    Re: Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    Perfecting Expecting of Boston helps w/ unique shower gifts. This may sounds insane but rechargeable batteries, while not cute, would be a nice addition to a toy gift. As a mom of a 3 yr old and 16 mos old I"ve spent more money on batteries than I care to think of and started buying rechargeables but they're so expensive for the sheer number of batteries you need as kids age.