Learn from parents and pros about what it's like
managing food allergies in and out of school from the comfort of your desk. On Thursday, July 23, at 1 pm, two Boston area moms, Ruth (www.bestallergysites) and Jennifer B (www.foodallergybuzz.com) will be hosting the 2nd Food Allergy Twitter Party. The theme is Back2School with Food Allergies.

Use summize.com or tweetgrid.com
and enter the hashtag #foodallergy to follow the posts. If you wish to join the conversation, syou will need a Twitter account. Don't forget that you need the hashtag #foodallergy in your twitter post for it to go to our food allergy party room.

To RSVP and see who are panelists are and contributing food allergy friendly companies are please visit http://tiny.cc/7t1gb.

Hope to see you there!