Barnum & Bailey discount code

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    Barnum & Bailey discount code

    Barnum & Bailey is coming and I just got these details in my email.

    There is a discount code below applicable for some seats.

    New England's Fall Tradition!
    Fri. SEPT. 30 - Sun. OCT. 2
    Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester

    Thu. OCT. 6 - Mon. OCT. 10
    Playing Through Columbus Day Holiday!
    DCU Center in Worcester

    Wed. OCT. 12 - Sun. OCT. 16
    TD Garden in Boston

    SAVE 20%!*
    Hurry! Offer ends Wed. AUG. 31!
    Use Customer Code Z5245

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    Re: Barnum & Bailey discount code

    Thank you!!!! We took my daughter to the one in Providence in the spring and she LOVED it! We are definitely going again :-)