Birth Control

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    Re: Birth Control

    I thought Mircette/Kariva was a combination pill, not a mini pill?  I think it is low dose, but still a combination one.
    Regardless, it is not much better on my migraines than the old Desogen/Apri I used to be on.  Grrr.  Maybe I should have forked over the $$$ for Paragard after all....
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    Re: Birth Control

    I LOVE my mirena and recommend it to all my girlfriends. 

    I got it at my 6 week pp appointment.  You do have to go back for a follow up visit and at that appointment I had my OB clip the wires a little shorter since when I moved in certain ways the wires would stab me.  Since they were clipped, no issues at all. 

    The one thing I didn't know until the day I got it inserted, you have to check for the wires monthly to confirm that the mirena is still in place (my OB said that if it was going to dislodge it would almost certainly happen in the first 3 days), she actually told my husband either one of us could check for them.  He turned red and looked away, as this woman didn't know (after two pregnancies) that we were close.