Got this message via MoveOn today.... a local Boston mom trying to spread the word about the changes BPS is trying to impose on current families!

This is it, our last chance to make our voices heard.   

Several petitions have been going around.   Some to slow down the process.   Others, like the Quality Choice Plan by Councillor Connolly, have received a nod from BPS, and the zoning portion has been added to the list of proposals - but NOT the sibling inclusion portion.  BPS has made it CLEAR that keeping families together is NOT a priority.

Even if your friends have signed other petitions, let them know we need their support for this very specific issue which continues to be ignored by BPS and the EAC, despite RESOUNDING support from Boston families.  

We are delivering signatures to Boston City Hall on Friday.   This is an opportunity to make a clear statement to the Mayor.   Don't miss it.   Share with your friends. Together, we can make a difference.

Thanks for your support,

Maria Mora