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    Am I the only mom out there who (if I had the time) would be playing video games? :-) As I said there isn't time anymore for either of us to play but before kids DH and I would spend a rainy weekend together playing. That said, OP should stand strong and not give in.  No way does an 11 y/o need to play graphic violent games.
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    I do love video games, just not the very graphic, violent ones. I'm also not adept at the controllers with a lot of buttons, so I stick with the Wii. Anything with Mario is good in my book and I'm actually the better player, which he will deny. Laughing
    I tried Halo on either X-box or PS3 once upon a time and was so woefully bad at the controls that my friends gave up on me completely.
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    Re: Call of Duty

    My son is only 2 so it's a non-issue at this point.  Both my husband and I play videos game (my husband more than I).  I prefer to keep my violence cartoony, but if it does fall more into the realm of realism, I would still avoid the people-based games, like Call of Duty, etc.  Gears of War and Halo somehow seem a little better since it human vs. alien violence.  Either way, I think 11 is too young...I would probably begin alowing stuff like Halo at around 13-15 years old depending on maturity level and more hardcore person-to-person combat games would have to wait until 17+ and with his own money.

    Of course, by the time my son is old enough, I'm frightened to think of what we'll be dealing with in terms of video games.  It will probably be stuff you download direct to a chip in your brain. "But mom...everyone else has the brain chip, why can't I?"