Car Seat Installation

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    Car Seat Installation

    I was wondering if any of the moms on here could help me out.� We installed our car seat last week and took it to the police station on Saturday to have it inspected.� We had installed it in the middle because that's what the instructions said and that's all I've ever heard of people doing (we used the LATCH system, but didn't think that was all that secure so then changed and used the seatbelt instead).� The guy who inspected the seat said we should put it on either side, not in the middle because our car (a 2007 Honda Accord) has an armrest that you can pull out from the middle seat which he said could come out in an accident and�injure the baby.� We thought that was odd since we know several people who all had their carseats installed in the middle and also had the armrest (several makes and models of cars have this).� So my question is whether any of you have ever heard this and whether you had your the armrest and your carseat installed in the middle?� We did switch it to the side, but don't really like having it there��

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    Car Seat Installation

    I brought our new 4-Runner with a LATCH system to one police department� and the officer put the base of the seat behind the passenger side seat.� He said he did this because there is no LATCH system in the middle and LATCH is safer and seats are not crash tested when placed in the middle.� I told him that medical professionals I have spoken to say to put it in the middle and his response was "I'll do whatever you want me to do."

    I brought my older Civic (no LATCH) to a different police department and the officer put it in the middle and said that the other office was wrong - they do crash test seats in the middle, seatbelt installation is just as safe as LATCH and the other officer probably put it there because it was easier for hiim!!

    Sorry girls - we are on our own with these types of decisions.�� Everyone has an opinion� and maybe bad days in the case of the first officer!