closing of dorchester elementary school

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    closing of dorchester elementary school

    recently the parents of pope john paul dorchester central campus we told that due to lack of enrollment and lack of funds the school would be closing it's doors in june for good. even though they have 50 million dollars promised to them but they allowed these doners to delay the funds for another 4 or 5 years who does this benefit certainly not the kids, parents, or even the faculity who will be unemployed as of june 2010 (20 people ). they say we are only operating at 52% capacity these numbers are false most of the classrooms used in this figure are no longer classrooms any more 5 are used for esl classes by the parrish, one is the school office, and one is the teachers lounge. the problem is this the academy makes their decisions behind closed doors with no consideration to the people they hurt(kids, teachers, or parents). this would be some what exceptable if this was some wall street company not the archdiocese of boston i though the catholic church is held to a higher standard. i guess no matter who it is it always comes down to the almighty dollar it is discusting
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    Re: closing of dorchester elementary school

    The Archdiocese continues to let people down, but I think when something like this happens and you are devastated it always turns out well in the end. 

    You will find another school, there are still great Catholic schools in Boston, some of which have combined due to smaller enrollment, and you may end up happier.  Have faith.

    Gate of Heaven/St. Brigid's in SB combined just last year and it seems to be going very well.  Good luck.