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Cloth Diapers

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    Cloth Diapers

    My husband and I are seriously considering cloth diapers for once our baby arrives.�� We're thinking that a one-size cloth diaper would be best for us, to avoid having to buy 2 to 3 dozen of each size for sized cloth diapers.� The three brands we're looking at that offer one-size diapers are:

    Haute Pockets - One size pocket diaper

    bumGenius 3.0 - one size cloth diaper

    Happy Heiny's - one size cloth diaper

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these?� Can you recommend one over another?

    Also, if you know of another brand that offers a one-size cloth diaper that you'd recommend, I'm listening!!


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    Cloth Diapers

    My DIL sends child to daycare two afternoons a week with cloth diapers - don't know why there would be a difference in your area, but????� She uses FuzziBunz - but the sized variety.� It is so much easier to stop leaks and fit into clothing when the diapers are sized.I used only cloth diapers a million years ago - used prefolded cottons - new born then regular.� Used diaper covers back then, but they were nowhere near as nice as the ones my grandchild wears now!� I love them - easy to use and clean.Good luck whatever you choose to do.