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Condos near Storyland

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    Condos near Storyland

    I remember a discussion last year about visiting Storyland and a few posters mentioned condos they rented in the area. We are open to condos or a hotel with 2 rooms. We are planning on going the 3rd week of June when it first opens and before school lets out. Any tips on visiting there or Santa's Village would be great too. DD is 2. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather! It's what got me thinking about summer vacation!

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    Re: Condos near Storyland

    Nordic Village rents condos and is literally right down the road from Storyland. We have friends who own a condo there, and they have had us up to visit. Their condo was really nice, and I'd bet all the units are pretty comparable. Have no idea on the price though. We haven't been to Santa's Village yet, but have heard from others that it is pretty good.

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    Re: Condos near Storyland


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    Re: Condos near Storyland

    There are plenty of hotels in North Conway-I used to have a condo (no more) but now when I go I just stay in one of the hotels. Attatash or Loon Mtn may have rentals.

    Normally we stay in the Hampton Inn...but after our last experience I would not! They have quiet hours of 10 pm-and the guests there are loud and the management wouldn't do anything before 10 pm.

    I think there is a residence inn-which would give you the bedroom/living room option which is always nice when you have little ones.

    We did Story Land for the first time last year, and I honestly thought it was better for little kids than disney! more things to do-lots of rides my 3 year old could go on. Do take a bathing suit-I had no idea, and DS was running through the sprinkers in his full clothes. they even have a water play area. I really enjoyed my time there and can't wait to go back. I believe if you go after 3pm, your ticket is good for the next day. Depending on your kids age, there is definitely enough there to spend a day and a half.

    I haven't done Santa's village since I was little and I have no memory of it. Hear good things about it.