Cost of Daycare/Nanny

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    Cost of Daycare/Nanny


    I know it will seem way too earlier to ask this question, but I know I have to go back to work and would really like to find someone right away and have one less thing to worry about.

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April and have found a potential nanny. She is a friend of my MIL and used to sit for my husband's niece. We believe she is interested but have not spoken with her directly yet, only through my MIL.

    We live in Plymouth and will need care from 1pm to 6:30pm Sept-June and all day in July through Aug. I don't know would be fair to offer her, as I expect we will have to suggest a rate (per MIL). We would like her to come to our house and would be willing to pay for her gas. We can be flexible in the summer and drop the baby off with her.

    If we have to, should we suggest a flat weekly rate whether or an hourly rate? Do think its reasonable to ask to pay her every two weeks due to our pay schedule? Most of all do you know what the going rate is?

    Thanks - SAW

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    Cost of Daycare/Nanny

    I would ask your husband's sibling what they paid her when she cared for your neice (assuming that was within a few years ago).

    I'd be surprised if the nany doesn't have her own ideas of what she charges - so you could ask her too what her rate is. Then you can negotiate from there.

    Sorry I don't have any figures for you - Plymouth is hopefully a cheaper area than Boston. I'm going to say around here, it is probably like $20-30 per hour.

    Biweekly pay seems fine to me, but again, you'll have to negotiate with the Nanny.