Dr. Phipatanakul’s current research projects are investigating the environmental and non-environmental factors that contribute to asthma and the progression of the disease.  The research looks at the environments where children with asthma spend most of their time: home and school, as well as the effectiveness of current asthma treatments, in hopes of improving the care of asthmatics.

Read on for an overview of current research projects.

(1)  (1) The NIAID/NIH sponsored Mouse Allergen and Asthma Intervention Trial (MAAIT) at Children’s Hospital Boston is looking for children who are diagnosed with asthma and between the ages of 6 and 17.

(2)  (2) The APRIL OCELOT study is looking for preschool wheezers/asthmatics (1  to almost 6 years old) for a two-part study investigating prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses.  Families get monetary compensation, including transportation, individualized asthma action plans, education and support. Study participation can last up to one year.

(3)  (3) The Asthma Research Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in conjunction with Children’s Hospital, Boston, is recruiting patients with asthma between the ages of 12-50 years old for a research study to find out if Symbicort® (formoterol/budesonide), a new combination asthma medication, is effective in controlling exercise induced asthma. The study will also look at how one’s genetic background influences the therapeutic response to Symbicort® for treatment of exercise-induced asthma.  The study medication will be provided and is FDA approved.  The study involves 5 visits over 8 weeks.  Compensation is $50 per study visit.

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