Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

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    Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I'm the mom of a very active 1 year old, working part time.  Life is pretty busy, and like most moms I take care of everything before myself.  Can anyone suggest simple, healthy ideas for meals and snacks?  Thanks!
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I've been snacking on mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and greens tossed in olive oil. YUM.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I am very interested to read what people have to say here.  I was just thinking today that my own eating habits are horrible right now.  I am a SAHM and after taking care of everyone else I have trouble taking care of myself.  Lunch and snacks are particularly hard especially now that my 2 yo is not napping, the 5 yo will be on summer vacation soon and my DH has been working insane hours.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I am also very interested in this - I work 4 day a week and the 3 days I am home I eat almost all day long.  Typically during work I snack every couple of hours banana, fiber one bar, yogurt, lowfat string cheese.  For some reason that does not do the trick at home.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I"m not a mom yet, but I don't like cooking in the summer, esp when I get home late.  I am a huge fan of salads, and cold plates of antipasti.

    The salads don't have to involve greens [usually they take too long to prepare so I skip them].  I'll have cherry or grape tomatoes, cukecumbers, zucchini, peppers, hard boiled egg, garbanzo or kindney beans, and pickled artichoke hearts.  On the weekend, I'll grill extra chicken breasts and then shred them on the salad, or just eat them sliced up.  I also cut up all of the veggies that need cutting when I buy them and keep them in storage bags or containers for easy assembly.

    I also keep hummus, English muffins, pitas, and peanut butter on hand. 
    You don't have to worry about your meal getting cold b/c it already is.

    I'm also a huge cheese fan.  I'll get a block of Manchego or a tube of soft feta and have it w/ crackers or just plain.  Cold cuts are also a staple when it's hot. I just roll them up and eat them w/ cold veggies on the side.  

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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    ALF, two words for the greens challenged:  bagged salad.  :)
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    Kar, the cheapskate in me rebels against bagged salad - it's crazy expensive when you consider volume and how much a bag of 3 romaine hearts costs. Besides, when I do cave in and get it, unless I eat the whole thing 2-3 days after opening it, it rots in the bag really fast.  Besides, I'm not a huge greens fan.  I eat them, but I'd rather eat more tomatoes, peppers, carrots, etc.  :-) 
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    For others that are opposed to bagged salad due to the cost.  My Mom was just up for a visit and told me that she cuts up her romain when she gets it, and then puts enough for her and my Dad (for I think she said 3 salads worth) in a salad spinner to wash and spin out.  She puts the whole spinner in the fridge and it keeps well.  I might just ahve to start doing that myself.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    For keeping veggies...I have the tupperware Fridgemate system (I think that is what it is called).  Lettuce and other veggies keep well in it.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I'm still pregnant, but have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out the healthy meals thing, and am finally doing what works for me...

    These things are always in my house, and I tend to graze all day. Most of it for me is having prepped stuff so that everything's ready.  I usually will do a big prep on Sunday or Monday nights so I'm ready to go for the week.  (sorry this is so long!!!)

    - I make quiche "cupcakes"...use muffin tins for crustless quiches...eggs, cheese, veggies, sometimes some canadian bacon.  One or two muffins can come out of the fridge and be breakfast, snack or lunch (stole this idea from South Beach and still love it!!).  They also freeze well, so you can have them in the freezer, defrost them overnight in the fridge and be ready for breakfast. 
    - Cheese sticks, laughing cows and cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese on whole grain toast or melbas.  Cheese sticks on their own or often with grapes or an apple.  Protein kick and dairy...
    - Cut up peppers, carrots, celery and broccoli, along with lowfat veggie dip (I make the Knorr kind w/ reduced fat sour cream) or hummous.  Gets in my veggies and satisfies my need to dip!!!
    - I do the same thing with salad greens...buy the romaine, prep it and leave it in the fridge (usually in a zip-lock with a moist paper towel)...can toss them with the cut up veggies, leftover chicken, tuna, beans, whatever, and be done. 
    - Fruit...I always have bananas, grapes and apples, and usually will do a big fruit salad on a sunday or monday night for the week with whatever was on sale...this week it was cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries and blueberries.  It's all cut up and ready to snack.
    - Planned-overs - My grandmother always called leftovers "planned-overs"!  If we're having grilled chicken for dinner, I'll cook some extras, so I've got that as another protein to snack on.  Same thing with pastas, soups, chili.  At least once a week I'll make something that can be lunch for one or two days afterward.
    - Other easy lunches.  Nachos or quesadillas - corn chips, black beans or non-fat refried beans, cheese, salsa.  Bagel, pita or english muffin pizzas - tomato sauce and mozarella in the toaster oven.  Cheese toast (same thing...sometimes with tomato or ham on top).  Any of these with some of the cut up veggies and I'm all set. 
    - other stuff always in the fridge/pantry: granola bars and yogurts.  It's 100 or so calories that is easy to get to, easy to eat, and will tide me over if I need it!

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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I find that if I am home I am more of a graze all day kind of eater versus meals like when I am at work, the tempation of having the fridge right there and all. But if I were to be home full time I think I might still try and "make" lunches like I do for work - When we make dinner my DH and I try to make more than we will eat and pack the rest into lunch size containers. We also buy fruit and yougurts to throw in our lunch boxes. I keep a stash of lean cuisines in the freezer for days when we don't have leftovers.
    What is your one-year old eating? Can you make enough for both of you to eat the same thing? That way your LO can sit in the high chair and you can eat between bites. That's how we do dinner with my DD, and now that she is 19 months, she often will feed herself, so it is even easier - My DH and I just have to watch to make sure she doesn't start throwing everything to the dog when she is done with eating, or smearing it around the high chair tray too much.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    Never under-estimate the value of "planned-overs" ... it is the only way I survive. 

    One healthy lunch that I like is black-bean burritos.  1 can of blackbeans (rinsed and coarsely mashed, I use a potato masher to achieve this) 1 cup of thawed frozen corn, 1/4 cup or so of sour cream.  Mix these together and roll in 4-6 whole wheat tortillas, put in baking dish.  Sprinkle a little cheddar cheese and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.  No meat but protein from the beans, low-fat sour cream can help with the calories, and the tortilla has fewer calories than 2 slices of bread.  If you like it spicy you can add adobe sauce and I am sure peppers and such would taste good, but I am too lazy.  Can't beat the conveinence of canned beans and frozen corn.

    I try to snack on fruits/veggies... helps with my craving to chew on something without as many calories.  The hard part for me is to stay away from dipping stuff.  ie. Hummus and PB have way more calories than I want to admit to.  Yogurts are good as long as they are lower calorie versions (ie French vanilla and fruit ones tend to be less than my favorite Stoneyfield Chocolate Undergrounds... but sometimes that chocolate is just too good to pass up.)

    And the biggest thing is to just not buy junk food.  If it is in the house I will eat it.  Me and hubby argue about this all the time since he is a beanpole that can and does eat anything ... and well... I can't do that.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    Does the stale Twix I just stress-ate count?  No? 

    I find that, and today is no exception, taking some time once a week to plan out meals/snacks makes all the difference.  Today, for instance, I did not plan, and have consumed such garbage, it's unreal.  When caramel is crunchy, you'd think you'd stop eating, right?  Nope ...

    But when I'm on my A-Game, I try to prep and/or have on hand:

    • Big bag of pre-cut veggies for dipping
    • Grapes and other fruit (again, pre-cut and washed so it's ready to go)
    • Pre-portioned snack baggies of crackers, nuts, Kashi cereal, or those 100 calorie microwave popcorn bags.
    • String cheese
    • HUMMUS
    • Peanut butter
    • Frozen whole wheat waffles
    • Salad greens
    • Grilled chicken breasts (I have DH cook a few extra on Sunday and slice them and keep them in the fridge), or a salmon filet
    • 4oz cans of low-sodium V8

    If I have that stuff on hand, I can pretty quickly pack a lunch, or throw together a snack quickly that's relatively good for you.  I prep or pre-portion it all on the weekend, usually right after I get home from the grocery store.  If you work outside the house, the pre-portioning is a LIFESAVER.  I literally open the box or bag of whatever, and then portion out all the servings into the snack bags and put them right back in the box/bag for when I need to grab them.  It's a bit ... well, insane & OCD, but it's a trick I learned at Weight Watchers and it serves me well. 

    Then I just aim for a combination of whole grains/carbs, a protein or a calcium source, and a fruit and/or veggie at each meal/snack. 

    As for meals, I try to plan those out too and do as much prep/pre-cooking&freezing as I can on the weekends.  I like the Martha Stewart Everyday Food, and also Epicurious has a weekly menu with five nights of "easy" menus pre-planned for you: http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/everydaycooking

    That's the link.  Sarcastic quote marks around easy as it's Epicurious, so take it with a grain of salt.  But they tend to be pretty good, relatively healthy, and lend themselves to do-ahead.  And they're not as involved as some of their other recipes, like those from Gourmet (sniff).   

    The Globe Food section also has a cook-ahead column that I like. 

    Now, I am insane and can tell you what's for dinner through Friday, June 25th, but those sites are awesome when you want something good, not too tough to make, and are sick of your usual go-to's. 

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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    I'm still pregnant, but during my pregnancy and when I was wedding-dieting, I had a good method of planning and eating. I learned it from some odd article about J.Lo being on the zone diet and getting food deliveries every day.

    I have one of those lunch cooler bags and plan my meals and calorie and vitamin intakes (basically, I figured out about 4 different daily menus online, with the right calorie counts). Everything I am eating for the day goes into the bag with a freezer pack as needed and breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are eaten from the bag regardless of where I am (home, work, train, waiting for an appointment, car, etc.). It helps my cravings to know what I have as options, it doesn't matter what order I eat the food in or when, so if I feel like half a turkey sandwich for breakfast that's fine, I can eat the oatmeal and blueberries as my afternoon snack.
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    Re: Easy, Heathy Eating Ideas-for Mom?

    (nodding) ML, I do the same thing -- I basically eat six mini-meals (I wasn't gaining weight fast enough to keep my nutritionist happy, so she force-feeds me) and I swap them around a lot, too.