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    The teacher feels that she's being wasted in the public school system for many reasons.  I was told that quite a few students opt to repeat 5th grade in order to be enrolled at this school.  So she wouldn't be alone in that regard. 

    I think the new school is advanced enough that repeating 5th grade would not be boring as much as just an ego blow.  How do you tell a 10 yr old that they're staying back because they're smart? 

    There are plenty of religious private schools.  I just don't know how much Catholicism will be taught to a non-Catholic. 

    Thank you for your thoughts.  I appreciate it and will look into some of the Catholic schools a bit more.


    I was in Catholic school in the 1980s.  We had morning prayer, a class per day on Catholic teachings, but it was not anything super religious to my recollection - just to be nice to each other, polite to adults [we were actually taught to stand when an adult entered the classroom and say "Good Morning, Mr or Ms so and so - all 30 of us at once], and that God loves us, etc.  We also went to Mass on holy days [the church was right next to the school].  We had non Catholics in the class, and while they went to Mass w/ the rest of the class, they were not required to participate in the sacraments [just to be respectful -sit and stand when it was time, etc].  Otherwise, we had regular classes.  I know we were a good ahead of the public school b/c I had a friend in my neighborhood who went to public school and she was a year older than I was but we were doing pretty much the same wor, once she went to the middle school, I was well ahead of her [my school was K-8].  I think how "religious" a school is will vary from school to school.  I'm sure that they are used to non-Catholics enrolling in their schools b/c the public schools are so far behind where they should be.  I can sympathize w/ your situation b/c I told my DH that we are never sending our children to public school if we can help it [both of us attended Catholic schools all the way through HS].
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    Why does your child's teacher not think your child should be in public school?  If your child is a slow learner, or is younger than other kids in her year [ie, if she has a birthday in October - December  for example - when we were kids, they used to have a date cut off so that kids who had birthdays late in the year had to wait till the following year to attend school], then I think repeating a grade is fine. If your child is average or above average, I would think staying a year behind would be pretty boring for them, and may make school less interesting for them in the long run.  Also, consider whether your family "develops" early.  Your daughter may feel uncomfortable if she is the first or only one to develop in her 5th or 6th grade class, if her peers are a year younger.  That's a touchy age.  Ask your daughter what she wants to do.  She is old enough to have an opinion.  I switched schools in the fall of 4th grade, but after school had started.  My parents asked me if I wanted to wait for 5th grade or go to Catholic school right away.  I did choose to go in the middle of a semester b/c even at that age, I realized that I was bored out of my mind in public school. 

    Look into local parochial schools.  Even if you aren't Catholic, they may offer you another alternative.   They are far less expensive than most other private schools. It can't hurt to look and you may be surprised by the affordability.  They aren't all populated w/ nuns these days, either, so you don't need to worry about the ruler on the knuckles any more.  They did away w/ that years ago [one of my cousins stopped going to Catholic school b/c of a mean nun, but that was a good 25 years ago. I never had any problems w/ the nuns and neither did either of my sisters].  Good luck.
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    Could she just stay where she is and maybe discuss some independent study time so she can excel,  or maybe skip a grade so she will be more on track with the other students.