We already have our core... now we need a lead guitarist! We consist of a drummer (and mother of twins), a lead singer, bassist, and a keyboardist (also mothers). We live in the nearby Boston suburbs, range from 30's to  40's, and we have a plan to get back into our passion for music as time and lifestyle allow! In every other guise, we are typical suburban mothers. . . perhaps you are, too.

We hope to gig maybe 1-2 times a month at places like fall/spring local festivals, 5K/10K road races (especially those for women), family-friendly places, etc. Practice 1/x week or possibly 2/x as time allows.

We have already been rehearsing songs from 1970s to the present--fun, upbeat rock and pop music that people want to hear. Songs like "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle to "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele to "Old Time Rock & Roll" by Bob Seger. We are not trying to be campy or ironic--perhaps people will even forget that we're an all-mom cover band, once they hear what we are capable of.

There's a similar group of women in Detroit doing what we're planning to do:
We have enthusiasm for our idea—contact Cheryl at
anniegirl_us@yahoo.com for more information.