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Gifts for a godson

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    Gifts for a godson


    My godson just turned 6 years old. I am at the point where I have NO idea what to get him for gifts anymore. His mom will not tell me what he is into because she does not want me to feel pressured to buy him something. They live in CT so I don't see them very often. I know he's into legos to a certain extent, but don't know what he might already have or want.


    At what age does it start to be appropriate to just send money? I've thought of setting up some sort of fund for him, but with a 2 year old and 5 month old at home, and working full time, I just know it might take me a year or so to figure that out. Looking for something to do immediately.

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Gift card for a book store. 

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Do you know what else he is into besides legos? Like Star Wars or the Cars cartoon, or Toy Story? Because if you've trolled the Lego aisle lately (and yes, it is an aisle, like the Barbie aisle) at Target or Walmart, or Toys R Us, they have all sorts of kits from all those places, and more.... If you go to the Lego store in the mall, they have an architechture Lego series I seriously considered getting for my Dad, he's a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan, and who wouldn't want a Lego version of Fallingwater?

    If you have some idea of other sorts of things he's into, you can get him a themed Lego purchase, and if you give his parents the gift reciept, they can exchange it if it duplicates a set he already has. I think at 6 a thoughtful gift is better than a gift card or money, because he can't go shopping by himself, and it is an instant gratification. Some 6 year olds might realize that they can control a purchase, but a lot just see a boring piece of plastic, or money that Mom and Dad admonish them to "save up for something special" while a toy is a here and now thing to enjoy.

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Over Christmas, my nephew, who is 5, got a giftcard and almost cried.  He didn't know what it was and he thought someone gave him a piece of plastic.  His mom explained, and he was ok, but still looked so disappointed.  A big difference from my 10 year old nephews who leeped for joy getting gift cards.

    Totally second Amy - Legos are the best.  Although they can be very pricey.  But there are tons and tons of themed playsets.  You could ask his mom if he has a Nintendo DS, or perhaps Wii, or one of the gaming systems and get him a game or two. 

    Or, do you know if he is doing any sports yet?  My nephews really wanted Lacrosse stuff one year, and I actually got one of them cleets for Xmas this year (with serious help from his mom, of course!)

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Does he like to draw?  A really snazzy marker set and BIG paper might work.  I saw some things when I was holiday shopping that were sort of like paper airplane kits but included folding instructions for some complicated contraptions (almost like origami).  It might be a bit frustrating for a 6 year old by himself but with help it could be fun. 

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Thanks, all.

    I pondered a gift card, but was afraid he'd be too young to enjoy it, even if taken to the store.

    He is on the Autism spectrum, so I know he gets very into certain things at certain times, and just not sure what he's on at the moment. And if I ask his mom any questions about what he likes, she immediately says, "DO NOT GET HIM A GIFT"  and won't tell me. Do you think any sort of lego-y thing would be good? I know his older brother has tons of legos and won't let my godson touch them, ever, so any legos of his own might be exciting for the little brother. I just don't know if he already has a bunch, or which sets. But I guess I could enclose a gift receipt and they could always exchange.

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Any reason why Mom says don't buy a gift?

    There are a lot of possibilities:

    Is she just trying not to look grabby and making a point it's not necessary?

    If he's got specific needs maybe she's concerned he'll get something he can't use or won't understand and he'll be upset? 

    Is she on an anti-materialism kick, thinking gifts in general make kids greedy? 

    Does she want to tightly control what he has?


    If you want something crafty but not "girly"--my son and his friends went on a huge paper-airplane kick in kindergarten and there are lots of books and kits for those for 5-6 year olds.

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    My nephew who is 6 was really into Harry Potter Legos last Christmas (as in 2011).  Not sure if he still was this year...

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    I think it a strange coincidence that he's autistic at some level and mom is insisting adamantly on no gifts. I'd find out for sure, like pc said, what the issue is before you go ahead and get one, anyway.  You could be stepping in a real hornet's nest without knowing it.

    Imo, 10 is a good age for CGs.  Before that, it's too abstract. 

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    First of all - your friend is being really difficult. You don't make someone a godparent and then leave them in the lurch at gift time. She should tell you what's up.

    Second - my children's godfather is a bachelor and he sends me Amazon gift cards so I can pick out gifts, wrap them and give them to my kids for him. I'm totally happy to do this.

    Otherwise - I know boys are different, but my daughter LOVES clothes already at age 3! My son also likes things if they are cute or fun. He loves the light up sneakers from carters and a Patriots fleece a friend gave to him.

    A friend gave my kids sleeping bags that came in backpacks (I think from Lillian Vernon). I think it was their favorite thing from Christmas. Even though they are way too young for sleepovers. We pretend to go camping with them and sometimes snuggle up on the sofa with them. And they LOVE the backpacks for all their stuff.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    I totally agree with Miss Lily that sending a gift certificate and asking his mom to pick out a gift for him to unwrap is a good idea.  My relatives (none are local) all do this for my kids and my non-local aunts and uncles used to do this for my brother and I growing up.  My mom would pick out gifts for us and now I do the same.  

    Or what about savings bonds if he doesn't need anything?  Do people still do that?  


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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    When my cousin asked me to be the godmother for her son, I just opened an online bank account for him that was connected to my account. It's so easy on ING (which just changed to Capital One). Then I did it for her other son and my 2 nephews when they were born. Instead of gifts, I just put $ in their accounts on their birthdays and Christmas. They get SO much stuff that they don't even notice. It doesn't earn much interest, but I think when they are older and want to do something expensive like go to camp, take a trip, buy a car or go to college, they will appreciate the $ then. If you want to do a gift, I think Legos is always a good bet at that age. Even if the set is a double, pieces always go missing so it might be nice to have extra.

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Thanks everyone! These are all good thoughts.

    This friend is like this with all 3 of her kids - insists no one buy any of them gifts. She does it out of not wanting to "put us out". I have known here since we were 10, she has always been like this! A nice quality, but a difficult one!

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    My mom came up with a great idea of giving my kids "activities" instead of "stuff."  She has given them swim lessons, or a Gymboree type class etc.  It really is a gift that keeps on giving, because it means a special activity for a few weeks.  Something we might not have been able to afford otherwise.  It means a lot and it's a real treat for both the kids and the parents.

    If he's on the spectrum, try to learn a bit about his particular needs, then see if there are any appropriate activities in his area.  Or, you could get something the whole family could enjoy together, like a special meal, or outing to the local restaurant?

    It's hard to say if this mom is just awkward about receiving gifts, or if there is a real issue.  You must be a very special person to be selected as the godparent.  Is this something you could have a gentle talk about?  Simply telling her that your godson is special to you and you'd like to do something special with or for him.  Can you collaborate on ideas that might be nice?

    I know it's easy for busy moms to just say "we're fine" when they're really just a little bit overwhelmed.  Your patience and support is a wonderful gift.


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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    Teaching a child to appreciate generosity graciously is a gift...

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    Re: Gifts for a godson

    I'm with Liv22, highly recommend opening the custodial "share builder/ ing" account.  I have given nieces and nephews stock for their birthdays rather than stuff since the oldest turned 7 - I saw the stuff got old fast, while the stock accounts have built slowly over time. It's so easy to do on line, much easier than getting out to a store.  And the older they get, the less I've been able to keep track of what they are all inTo.  Their parents appreciate it more than another toy or thing cluttering the house, and when they're 18, they can take the money out if they choose.  Then once a year I send them an updated statement so they will know what they have.  

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