June Infants and Toddlers

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    June Infants and Toddlers

    It's SUMMER!  Life is good.  I love the summer (as you could probably tell by my frenetic posting to the beach fun thread).  We live a few blocks from a beach and we're getting to the time of year where all the neighbors come out of hibernation and hang out together, like a real community, after work in the evenings.  DD has a "summer friend" that is only a few months older than she is.  Last summer they sort of played next to each other on the beach.  This year they've already been really cute and seemed so much older, talking, playing, building sandcastles!
    I've gone swimming in the ocean three times so far, upon DD's insistance.  She would stay in until she had hypothermia if she had her way.  I've had to drag her out against her will and force her to sit on the blanket and have a snack just to get her out of the water for 5 minutes to warm up. 

    woohoo!  June! 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    So excited for sunshine and nice weather!  I do have a couple of questions about dressing the baby for the weather.  Since my DD was born in October (and was a peanut), I have gotten into the layering habit, with undershirt, hat, all of that, and am now trying to break it.  I've got sunhats and sunblock and am ready on that front, and the daytime's not a problem, but I've been having a heck of a time figuring out what she should sleep in!  The really hot nights she was in a cotton onesie, and then as it cooled down, I put a light cotton muslin blanket from her belly button down.  What's everyone else been doing?

    On other fronts, she is definitely starting to teethe...the drool and "gum chewing" has really picked up, but no signs of those pearly whites yet.  And we're now on two meals a day...started yogurt last week, and last night added chicken (ground up in the blender with some of her squash..was a big hit).  She's also bouncing a lot, and reaching farther and farther, and getting better able to get herself back to sitting position after she reaches rather than do a faceplant.  It all goes so fast!!!

    Hope everyone on here is safe after all of yesterday's crazy weather. 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    That sounds great lissafro!  This sunny weather has been great.

    Luv - We've been struggling with what to wear to bed as well.  DD is only 14 weeks and still likes to be swaddled.  Some nights we have done just the cotton swaddle and other nights we've done a onesie as well.  I worry because I know that even when it's super hot, I usually wake up cold in the early a.m.  Maybe I'll be crazy and set my alarm to go turn off her fan.

    AFM - Today is day 6 of being back at work. It's going pretty well… Other than struggling to get here on time and running back and forth to pump. I'm doing well with the early wake-up, but there is so much traffic!! 

    I'm having my first semi freakout about daycare. Since it's been so hot, the daycare provider stopped swaddling DD for naps, which is fine. But she just mentioned that DD has been sleeping longer… because she rolls onto her side. At what point did you let your LOs do their own thing when they were asleep?? I'm glad she's sleeping better, but I think 2-4 months is the peak for SIDs, so I'm concerned. (She's 14 weeks.) DD is supervised at all times, but I can't help but worry. I was thinking of asking the provider to at least try pushing her onto her back once.

    I'm going to dig around in old threads for breaking the swaddle habit… Although we could stretch it longer if we put an AC in her room.

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Lissa I agree... yay for summer!  Everything is just so gorgeous all in bloom.  And what a great time of year... summer is ahead of us, not behind us!!  DS is now 7 1/2 months and went in the pool for the first time last weekend.  He was very unsure at first and cried... but after 15 minutes or so, started to relax and even splashed and smiled.  I think he'll be a good swimmer eventually... in the bath he kicks his feet like he's doing the backstroke to China!  He has one little tooth breaking through on the bottom.  Curious to see how long it takes to get fully up.  The drool is just insane... he's in constant bibs!  He's on 4 bottles a day at 6oz each, and 3 meals.  And yet somehow he's still lean.  Probably because he's almost 3 feet tall!  Breakfast is usually 2oz of fruit (cereal makes him very constipated so I usually omit), lunch is yogurt (yobaby has new "yogurt meals" with fruit on the bottom... they are delicious!!), and dinner is veggie and sometimes a meat.  He still loves his purees, but is also getting really good at "chewing" small pieces of squash, chicken, bananas, etc.  And is stellar with the puffs!

    Luv - I totally agree about clothing confusion.  That is my one worry.  We have central A/C, but only one zone (and thermostat is downstairs).  So for the upstairs (bedrooms) to get comfy, the downstairs has to be frigid.  Obviously that is an extreme waste of money at night, so we often turn it off, or way low.  So DS's room has gotten to 80 (he also gets the afternoon sun).  We have an egg thermometer in his room and the instructions say that 60s is where babies should sleep.  That is just not possible in the summer in our house, and I hope mid 70s with light clothing is ok.  I've done a onsie many times, but of course am nervous if it gets chilly.  I haven't put a blanket in, but on one or two occasions have thrown on a pair of light cotton PJ pants if I felt he was chilly in the middle of the night.
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    wow IPW- 60 deg??  We'd have no money left if we turned the AC to 60 constantly. We keep DS's at 74-72 depending on the night and how hot it is. We have been doing a short sleeve onesie along with the swaddle and he seems just fine.  I can't imagine turning an AC that cool, we turn ours to 70, 68 if it's really hot!  

    DS has been doing pretty well, but the last week has been quite the adventure. He had blood in his stool and now I am on a no dairy diet (which is harder than you think! spending quite a bit of money at whole foods!)   and now I have mastitis. 102 fever, chills, aches. No fun, my MW gave me antibiotics, lets hope it clears up soon.  Anyone here get mastitis?  I'm worried about getting it again since I'm not too sure what caused it.  The breast that it is in was one that had much more milk to begin with so that could be the issue..
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Fram, I think the conventional wisdom is that if the baby can roll onto its side, s/he is OK there.  I remember doing the back and forth in my mind when DD started showing that she preferred side sleeping, but she was a lot older, if memory serves.  I'd be far less worried about that at daycare than I would overnight, but if you're really stressed, ask your pedi.  Mine always puts my mind at ease. 

    IPW, we have the same issue.  Our solution has been to make sure the shades are down/shut during the day to keep some of the oven effect from building up, and we have a fan now that we run with the window open.  I put her in one-layer to sleep, and on Monday when it was super-hot we rocked the "white-trash-baby" look and she hung out in just a diaper for her naps. 

    Our solution was to buy a stand-alone a/c unit for the upstairs room.  That way we can run the central air at a more efficient temp (mid-70's) or shut it off and keep the windows open, but still keep her room climate-controlled.  I figure over a couple of summers, it will pay for itself. 

    DD is awesome.  So much fun, all smiles and laughter and bouncing.  She has her two bottom teeth about halfway in, and lots of curls and seems to be keeping her blue eyes.  She can sit up unassisted, but can't pull herself up into sitting, and she's trying hard to crawl.  She also claps hands, waves and plays peek-a-boo, it's awesome. 

    Meals were getting a bit tough as she was more interested in controlling the spoon than eating, but wasn't getting a lot in her mouth if I let her do the whole tactile thing, so the mesh teether and puffs have been godsends.  Some avocado in the former and a few puffs on the tray and she'll polish off almost anything I spoon into her mouth, even meat purees, which were not a hit on their own.  

    Today's been a fairly typical meal-day so far: I put her in the high-chair and gave her some cut-up blueberries on the tray, and a mesh teether with avocado.  While she ate/played with that, I mashed up some banana and mixed in some baby cereal (rice, oatmeal & quinoa, I think) and a blueberry yo-baby in a Pyrex.  I gave her about half and popped the rest in the fridge for tomorrow.  Lunch is a cube of peas/green beans with a yo baby meal.  For dinner, I'll do puffs & bits of cheese, frozen peas in the teether, then a cube each of lamb and apricots.  Banana for "dessert" while I clean up. 

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Good point, ajuly -- 60 degrees is COLD.  I shoot to keep DD's room around ... well, I'm lying.  I aim to keep it at a temperature that doesn't make me think, Holy sh*t it's hotter than b*lls in here!!!!

    I have no idea what the temperature in her room is.  I just walk in and if it feels hot, I take steps to correct. 

    ajuly, my SIL was on a restricted diet like that ... I give you a lot of credit.  She couldn't have dairy, nuts or soy. 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    ajuly - that stinks, I hope it clears up soon.  I never had it, so have no advice, sorry!

    re: sleeping in the heat - I'm jealous of all of you with central air!  We are house hunting and it's one of DH's non-negotiables (after living 10 years in Las Vegas he's dying each summer without it, and we live in a ground floor condo).  I've been putting DD in a cotton onesie and a cotton sleep sack.  During the day for naps she's often just in the onesie.  The other night when she woke me at 2:30ish to eat, the small of her back was soaked!  I *think* it was pee, but it really didn't smell like anything, so I was a bit baffled.  Of course, it's my only cotton sleep sack that is long enough for her, so I fretted about what to put her in that night and last night... the night of the mystery wetness I didn't want to turn a light on when changing her so in the morning when DH went to get her he was like, "What the heck is this outfit she's wearing?!"  She was in a crazy mismatched onesie and pants (that were too small, oops).  Last night we were so hot she started off in just a onesie at night but then I got paranoid and went in and put pants on her.  It's hard to know how they'll be most comfortable.

    Ok, I must say this:  HOORAY FOR THE MESH TEETHERS!  I picked some up and DD LOVES them.  I've only been putting little pieces of frozen banana in, and at first she was so funny, thrashing her head from side to side not wanting any part of it, but when I forced her to smell and taste that it was banana (her favorite) she went crazy for it.  It's the best thing to keep her quiet!  I can clean the whole kitchen while she sits chewing on it.  They're a pain to clean and I don't really feel like I do get them entirely clean, but it's worth it.  Anyone have a special method of cleaning?
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    I know... this is the egg.

    It was a shower gift.  I think its from Scandanavia... perhaps why it thinks 61-67 degrees is the correct temp.  Brrrrrrr!!  This winter I definitely did not let his room get even to 67... that was way too cold, even in footies and a sleep sack.  When the temp gets over 74, you get a :-( to indicate too hot.  Clearly this past week, I get a lot of :-( !!!
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    I would be leery of any electronic device that scolded me with emoticons, and of temperature ranges set by Nordic types who might consider 63 degrees a heat wave.  ;) 

    I think we kept the house around 64 during the winter (and she was bundled) and we aim for 70-ish in the summer (unbundled).  I've been focusing more on trying to get DD to drink water and making sure she has enough wet diapers, especially overnight. 

    Poppy -- I run the mesh bit under water as soon as she's done with it, then give it a quick scrub with our vegetable brush.  Then I run it through the DW in the basket we put bottle parts in.  (Banana is the worst to clean, by the way.)  I usually toss the mesh thing when it starts to look too gross to show the daycare lady, then replace it.  You can buy just the mesh parts at BRU. 

    Also, I use those link things to hook it to her high chair so it doesn't hit the ground if she drops it.  Those go in the dishwasher, too. 

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Love hearing the updates!  Do not love hearing that you've been suffering with mastitis.  That really, really stinks.  Hope it clears up well.

    I love to be cold at night, but 61 is snuggle under blankets weather!  That's wild.  We have been doing a fan and *finally* got a window AC put into the baby's room.  It gets the afternoon sun and of course the sun is still up when she goes to bed!  I felt so bad -- her little head was drenched in sweat.  Unfortunately, she seems to be a sweaty spaghetti like her mother.
    Oh - we got an Aden and Anais sleep sack that is very airy and light and I love it.  However, I don't think she loves it.  Maybe because it's kind of stretchy and twisty?  Or maybe it's too big?  Or maybe she's cranky about something unrelated...

    We are doing well at just barely 10 months.  I am starting to feel a little weird because most of the other babies her age that we know can crawl, stand, pull up, et cetera.  She can sit up, but can't sit herself up, and she can spin around on her belly and go backwards, but no forward motion and no up on all fours.
    I do see her making progress, so she is following her own trajectory -- she was also late to sit.  And fine motor and other things like that seem similar to the other babies.  So I guess I just have to keep reminding myself that they are all different, and at the same time keep watching to make sure she's progressing.
    I'm not going to lie -- I obsessively checked the "when to worry" sections of a few milestone charts online!
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    medford, I wouldn't worry... friends of ours had a DD the same time as we had DD (they are now 3) and she barely moved off an 8x10 or so rug in their living room until she was well over 1 - so no crawling really, and she sat later also... we didn't see them much for a while, but at there was absolutely no difference between this little girl and my DD, who was walked and crawled a bit on the early side of average.  In hindsight my friend said she should have enjoyed the time she didn't have to chase her all over!  My DS who is pretty much the same age as your DD has yet to roll over!
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Canukgrl, you are totally correct!  In general, we just try to enjoy her and be happy that we have longer to enjoy each fabulous little stage.  :)  As I mentioned elsewhere today, she is a love bug.
    But it is nice to hear from you that there are others with the same experience -- for whatever reason, the babies her age that we know in person seem to all be advanced movers and shakers.  So it sometimes feels odd to see them together.

    Don't know if anyone has read Tina Fey's book, but there is a chapter that's a funny prayer for her daughter and one of the bits is something like "Grant her an awkward period from 12 to 17, and let her be interested in dolls and drawing horses for way too long, because childhood is short and adulthood is long, and dry h*mping in cars can wait".
    Amen to that.
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Medford - I love that excerpt!!  Too funny.  I played with dolls a little longer than some of my friends and loved spending time alone reading.  DH, on the other hand, was out raising hell.  I hope she takes after me!!  :o)

    GC - Thanks for the feedback.  I agree that it's probably less of a concern for naps, since she's supposed to be supervised the entire time.  I was dragging my feet on calling the ped because I'm afraid they are going to say she absolutely has to sleep on her back... but I'll do it!! 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Ha ha Medford!  That's too funny.  Granted it's so true!!!  Yeah, and you'll hear it over and over again.  All kids develop differently.  

    Poppy--we just hand wash the mesh feeders and stick them in the dishwasher.  This time around, pretty much everything goes in the dishwasher.  

    We've been putting DS in a cotton PJ set and a fleece sleep sack still.  We've been keeping the windows open and the ceiling fan on at night.  Seems to work for him!

    DS will be 8 months old next week (crazy!!!), and he's as awesome as all of your kids!  :-)  We have 4 teeth already (wonder if it's genetic since DD had lots of teeth early too), we sit up on our own, we scootch backwards, pivot, roll both ways, reach for toys and manage not to fall over too much, we're trying to pull to standing etc.  He's also loving puffs and finger foods and he's a good chewer!  He constantly says "da da da" and "ga ga ga" and I really thought he repeated the word "girl" yesterday when I was reading to him, but then again everything sounds like something else!

    We watched some videos of DD when she was 8 months old the other day and she was making the "da da da" noise and then DS was cracking up at the video and saying "da da da" back.  How precious!!!

    DD is a crazy almost 3 y.o. now and officially a preschooler!  This morning she said "Mommy, you're not bummed today because your car is in the garage!".  Yes, the other day I said "bummer" because my car was outside in the morning when I had to get her off to school.  Future lesson to everyone... THESE KIDS REPEAT EVERYTHING THEY HEAR AND NEVER SEEM TO FORGET ANYTHING!!!!!  Not that there's anything wrong with bummer, but you can see how important it is to watch your language!  Or not if you don't care what comes out of your kid's mouth!
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    It is so great to read everyone’s updates.  My DD is 10 months now and moving all over the place!  She pulls herself up on everything and is cruising a lot.  One of her favorite things to do is walk around the house holding mommy’s fingers.  She also just got the hang of her push lion (it is like an old person walker, but in toy form).  So, she loves pushing it all over the house and banging into walls!  She also really loves to play in the refrigerator!

    She also has finally really got the hang of finger foods, and so now her food repertoire is really expanding.  She isn’t too interested in the purees anymore, so I am trying to add as many things that I can think of.  She ate an entire veggie burger last night and loves toast, cheese, waffles, pancakes, cheerios, puffs, yogurt bites.  She is still not great with fruits or veggies….I think the texture is still a little too hard for her.

    She has her two bottom teeth now….they are about half way up.  She is still a little peanut (only about 16 pounds and 26 inches), but is starting to look like a big girl.

    We are currently working on the sippy cup (she still just chews on the spout and I have bought about 5 different kinds at this point), and trying to teach her how to clap!

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Finally remembered to call the ped during office hours to ask about DD's sleeping on her side. The nurse said not to worry if DD has started to move to her side and/or roll over. She said they certainly wouldn't expect us to stay up all night to keep moving her to her back, so that kind of put it in perspective. I still don't like it, but for now she is swaddled at night and mostly stays on her back, so that makes me feel better. It's only during naps, when she is supervised.

    Still working on getting to know and communicate with the daycare provider. I like her, but sometimes our exchanges can be odd. All weekend, I put DD down for naps without the swaddle to see if she moved to her side and how long she slept. Daycare says she sleeps for 1 - 1 1/2 hours for every nap… Meanwhile she only did that once all weekend. Every other nap was about 45 mins as usual. When she did sleep for 1 1/2 hours, she woke up every 10 mins starting at 40 mins, found her thumb, and went back to sleep. I asked the daycare provider if that's what she does during the week and she said no that the baby just sleeps.
    Has anyone experienced this?? Daycare is obviously a different setting and it’s possible DD sleeps differently, but it seems bizarre to me. I would think she'd sleep less at daycare with the other kids so close.  The provider can be a bit vague, so we need to work on that!  (Don't get me wrong, she's great about writing down diapers and nap times and all kinds of stuff, but when I ask her questions I tend to get brief answers.)

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    meme interesting about the finger food (and veggie burgers - awesome idea!)  My almost 10 mo DS is pretty much refusing to eat anything he can't feed himself - so no more baby mush, and, so far, a lot of cheerios!  I give him all kinds of things  but it seems like he only really likes carbs - toast, cheerios, pancakes, graham crackers etc.  Though I have seen him eat cheese or sausage on occasion.  He also seems to HATE the texture of fruits/veg on his hands (which his daycare teacher tells me is not unusual and most kids outgrow it)  Anyone have other ideas for 'dry' finger foods, outside of what you can buy in the baby aisle?

    At 10 mo I started moving DD to milk in a sippy from formula in a bottle, but she was a much less picky eater and I would say ate a much more balanced diet at this age.  We had her off formula/bottles at 12mo.  I think with DS I am going to leave him on formula a little longer to see what happens with his eating habits.  He likes milk just fine and has mastered the sippy, so hopefully it won't be a big deal when we're ready to move on
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    In Response to Re: June Infants and Toddlers:
    I asked the daycare provider if that's what she does during the week and she said no that the baby just sleeps. Has anyone experienced this?? Daycare is obviously a different setting and it’s possible DD sleeps differently, but it seems bizarre to me. I would think she'd sleep less at daycare with the other kids so close.  Posted by framerican51008

    That's exactly what my experience has been.  It seems counterintuitive that they would sleep better in that environment, but I think that the kids must just learn that this is the way it is at daycare.  My DD sleeps 1.5-2 hours on the floor on a mat, surrounded by other kids also sleeping.  Some kids don't sleep as long so they get up and quietly play or lie on their mat.  I guess they all start their naps together after lunch and they all know they're expected to stay on their mats and be quiet until after their naps.  So eventually (probably pretty quickly!) they all fall asleep! 
    When she was an infant she would just sleep in her crib in daycare, despite all the bustling/crying going on in the room.  It was actually this knowlege which gave me the strength to sleep-train more solidly for her naps at home.  We had been fine with her night sleeping and CIO but naptime was so much harder.  As someone has mentioned on another thread, you can dig your heels in and battle for 14 hours but for a nap it doesn't seem possible/worth it. 
    Anyway, I started to just leave her for her naps, NOT check on her at all, just keep the intercom on low volume and go about my business and just keep telling myself I needed to train her the way the daycare people did.  It worked, eventually! 
    I think babies are masters at manipulation.  Not in a bad way.  They have evolved to be like that.  They read people extremely well and assess the situation and do what they need to do to get their needs met. 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Meme, I love to hear about the little kids, since my daughter is definitely on the small side.  She's 7 months and was about 14 1/2 lbs, 25 inches at her 6 month appointment.  All of the babies we're friends with around her age seem to be these ginormous kids, so thank you for putting DD's size in perspective for me!!

    She has great fine motor skills...loves to reach for things, move from hand to hand, knock things down (but waits until the last block on the tower is on), and "play" piano.  She also loves the mesh feeder: avocado, banana and watermelon are all favorites.  Gross motor skills are getting better...she sits up straight and bounces, started rolling belly to back this week, and no longer turns her head aside and sticks her thumb in her mouth during tummy time (clearly has a mind of her own).

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    It's so good to read all the updates! We too are struggling with what finger foods to give DS that also give him what he needs.  He is still good with me feeding him with some help of course so that continues but I still want to give him more finger foods and move away from the purees.  One thing about baby cereal and purees though is I know he is getting the nutrition he needs!

    DS was 9 months last Sunday and I just don't know where the time is going!  We had our appt. on Tues. and he is 28 inches and 21.5 lbs. and is a healthy happy boy!  His personality is really starting to come out and I just love when he laughs.

    We just got back from a family vacation in South Carolina and DS loved the beach.  At first the water freaked him out but by the end of the week he was having a blast in the sand and water.  He enjoyed "playing" (more like pulling and poking) his coursin who is a year older than he is.  She just kind of stood there and stared at him and then would say baby.  It was really cute.  It's going to be so fun to see them interact as they both get older. 

    Fine motor skills seem to be good.  He too can move things from hand to hand, and pull things towards him.  He still needs work on picking up small things like his food and such.  He prefers to just grab and do the best he can to get it into his mouth. Sometimes he uses the pincer grasp but usually not.  He is doing pretty good with bringing the spoon to his mouth on his own too.  His gross motor skills are great.  He can pull himself up as well as stand up without pulling on anything.  He is walking like a crazy man.  He canalso bend down to pick things up and then stand back up.  He is working on making tighter turns which often results in falling down.

    We talked to our pedi about transitioning to milk a little earlier than a year when I go back to work.  So I will nurse him in the AM and PM and then he will have milk at daycare.  DS is doing pretty good with the sippy cup.  He just figured out to hold it with two hands and now is realizing he needs to tip it up so he is working on that.  He likes the straw sippy cup too (It's easier because there is no tipping it up!) but if the straw part is closed he doesn't know how to open it.

    I'm really looking forward to summer and hanging out with friends and taking DS swimming.  I grew up going to a lake in the summer and I loved to swim so I am hoping DS likes it too! 
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    interesting re: giving cow's milk before 12 months.  i thought this was a no-no.  for those of you who have or are considering, what's the story?  i'm curious now!

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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Cows milk is only a no-no in that you don't want it to displace formula or BMilk before a year or so.  After something like 6m (what is the guideline for yogurt) there is no harm in letting them try it, you just don't want them to fill up on it instead of formula/BMilk since they have other nutrients (notably iron, but others as well) they likely aren't getting in their solid food diet. 

    There is nothing that magically happens at a year, so, as in most things, it depends on the kid.  Using my own example, DD ate a wide variety of foods and I wasn't concerned about her diet, so she was 100% transitioned by 12 mo (started around 10-10.5 mo)  DS on the other hand is picky, pickly, picky so I will keep him on primarily formula for a little longer.

    the sippy cup relationship is arbitrary, I aimed to have them both off bottles around a year also, and with DD never put formula in the sippy, so bottles were for formula, sippy was for milk.  DS - it is not so simple :)  He gets formula in the sippy all the time, he's an independent one, insisting on doing it himself!
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Canuk - you seem to have mastered the sippy!!  How did both their progression go?  My DS can get the liquid out when I tip it up, and can hold it on his own and chew on the top.. but can't figure out how to tip it up.  Does the same with a bottle, doesn't get that he needs to tip it up.  

    Actually, the bottle is comical.  He grabs it, pulls the n!pple into his mouth and then flings his hands away like the bottle is 200 degrees!  Of course, when it drops, looks at me like "mom... what gives, weren't you holding it??"
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    Re: June Infants and Toddlers

    Stefani - our pedi said the 12 month milk thing was because kids who had whole milk before 6-8 months tended to have blood in their stool so those that make the rules decided to make 12 months the okay point to give it to them but said a little sooner than that isn't an issue

    IPW - you might want to try the ones with straws...I still give DS the other kind and he is getting much much better with them but really likes the one we have that has a straw.

    Our pedi also recommend giving DS bmilk in his sippy to get used to a new consistency (right now it is just water) and interesting info. he told us was that the way a babies kidneys function you don't have to worry about giving them water for dehydration because as long as they are getting formula and bmilk they won't get dehydrated...which makes sense but I found interesting because we were worried about that in SC it was hot down there!