Middle School recommendations?

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    Middle School recommendations?

    We also live in Boston and my daughter was accepted to BLS and a couple of ISL schools. It is a big decision. She attends Winsor and we could not be happier. We do receive financial aid but pay a percentage of the tuition. I can't praise the school enough. We are solidly middle class but obviously can't afford 30K per year (its not 40K).

    Kids do great coming out of BLS and, of course, it is totally free, but it is a huge public school and very much sink or swim. You have to find the right fit for your child.
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    Middle School recommendations?

    Hello BostonDad,

    One thing I think you should definately keep in mind is whether or not you want to move your child again after middle school. The schools you mentioned continue on right throught grade 12 so you won't be looking at schools again in two years. I have heard that it is "easier" to get you child into the school for 7th grade then for 9th grade.

    Do you have a boy or a girl? Are you looking for coed or single sexed schools? What is the child interested in?

    For strong academics and sports I would look at BC High for a boy. Ursuline Academy in Dedham is a good choice for a girl. That being said, I don't think you can do better than Boston Latin. If I lived in Boston I would definately go that route.

    I have a daughter who is currently in 8th grade at a Catholic school in Milton. We are in the process of looking for high schools and it is quite an undertaking.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Middle School recommendations?

    We live in Boston but until last year our daughter also attended a Catholic School in Milton. We did A LOT of homework - she went on the ISL interview, took the ISEE and was accepted both the top notch ISL schools (one mentioned in this chain) and Boston Latin. After going to all the student visit days she choose Boston Latin. It was a great choice for her as she is thriving and more academically challenged at BLS. Yes, BLS is a big school but it most definitely is not "sink or swim". That's really not a fair assumption. BLS divides the 7th & 8th grade kids into clusters for more focus / attention and the teachers are very accessible to both parents and kids. Cluster meetings are held weekly to monitor kid's progress and be pro-active on anyone noticed struggling.

    For your child - investigate everything - both public, parochial and private. For ISL schools be sure you make every deadline they have established - missing deadlines can rule your kid out completely. Competition is tough. Look beyond the beautiful trimmings at the ISL schools - make sure your child will fit with the socioeconomics (haves vs. have nots) as well. Financially, given the economic condition many school endowments have decreased so it goes to say, financial aid may be impacted. Bottom line once you lay it out on paper, your child & family will make the right one.

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    Middle School recommendations?

    It can be hard to find the right place - sometimes the right school for 7/8 isn't the right place for 9+. Visit as many schools as you can - the differences are much clearer when you visit than when you plow through viewbooks. I'll also put in a plug for Boston University Academy when you get to 9th.