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    I am sure this has been posted before, but the search isn't working.  Any comments on Mirena?  I am finally trying to decide on birth control now that my youngest is 15 months!  I was contemplating the pill versus Mirena.  I think I have ruled out the pill.  But, I am still nervous about Mirena......mostly because of the risk of it going through the uterus wall.  I'd love to get your input.  Thanks!

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    Re: Mirena

    I had my Mirena inserted at about 8 weeks PP with DS #2. I found the insertion really easy (especially since labor was so fresh in my mind!) I had the annoying spotting for about 2 months, but it wasn't awful. Once that stopped it has been fantastic. Light to nonexistent periods (though I also BF'ed until DS was 2, so that may have played a role, too.) DH has had no complaints, either.

    Fwiw, my OB was practically giddy the day I had mine inserted. She thinks the Mirena is one of the greatest advances in BC for women. She highly recommends them for women without any conditions that would make them an unsafe choice.

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    Re: Mirena

    memes, I am thrilled with Mirena.  I had it placed when DD was 10 weeks (she'll be 2 next month), had some spotting off and on for about 6 months, then nothing ever since - even after I weaned at 13 months.  Its so freeing not to have to take the pill, or carry around tampons, or get caught by surprise with no tampons in your purse.  No period and no pill = two less things to worry about.  

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    Re: Mirena

    Memes, not sure if you're still looking for feedback, but mine is slightly different than what others posted. Not bad, just different. First, my insertion was difficult. I have a tilted uterus, so my OBGYN thought he wasn't going to be able to do it at all. It took about 6 tries, and I was sweating and lightheaded throughout. This apparently is not an uncommon reaction to insertion; it has to do with your body's reaction to stuff being done "down there." It wasn't painful at all, just awkward. I have a girlfriend who tried to get one put in and she actually called it off in the middle of insertion because she was feeling so uncomfortable (not pain, just that weird feeling). She was upset that her doctor hadn't warned her that this could happen. I didn't know she was going for it or I would have shared my experience.

    Since then, it's been good. I had some spotting for a couple of months, then nothing for a few months, then a few months ago my period suddenly came back. I guess this can be normal. It's not as heavy, but it's definitely a period lasting up to 5 days or so. 

    So, ultimately I'm glad I have it, but would have loved to have an experience like Kiwi and Novem. :)