Nap time at preschool

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    Nap time at preschool

    I am wondering if anyone here knows if MA has regulations pertaining to how long and how late in the day a preschool can nap a child.
    My 3.5 year old is having such a rough time at night and I think it is because his school is napping him way too late in the day for way too long. I picked him up early a few weeks ago - 3:45 and he was still sleeping, they all were, when I asked what time he went down I was told 2pm. Today his dad picked him up at almost 3 and he was just about to nap. He is in the pre-k class with 4 year olds. Is it just me or is this too late in the day?
    Oh and he gets up at 7:30 and at school at 9am.

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    Re: Nap time at preschool

    Yes, I'd say given they are all 4yrs old, they should be napping/resting with lights out beginning at 1pm and then waking up at 2:30 or 3pm.  And you're NOT crazy - you aren't saying "no nap" - you're just saying that if he sleeps that close to bedtime he'll not be tired at his correct bedtime and then he'll have a hard time getting up in the morning on tim,  which means that he is overtired chronically.  (have you ever fallen asleep from 5-7pm and then not been tired until 1am wide awake and frustrated because you must be up at 6am for work????)

    I don't think regs state WHEN the nap has to be, but that all children in fulltime care need at least a 45 minute nap period.  that was a while ago when I taught/directed in MA, but you should be able to google the regulations and find out (have fun reading them, they are written in pseudo legalese).

    The bigger issue isn't that he's taking a nap, but WHEN he is. Why don't you request that they have lunch at 12noon, then they can rest on their mats quietly reading books until 12:45/1pm, when lights go out - and children can rest/sleep until 3pm when the lights can slowly start going on.  and you can request that he be woken up at 3pm, or 3:15pm latest!