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nursing and got my period

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    nursing and got my period

    So you know when you are stressed about something but you know that stress is bad so you stress out about being stressed?� That's where I am right now and could use some help either�hearing that others have the same thing happen or hints on what to do.My son is 4 1/2 months old and I have been breast feeding exclusively.� Working full time+ for about a month and a half, but it's been working out fine nursing when I'm home and pumping at work.� This past weekend we went on a trip and left our son at nana's for the night.� I pumped when I usually would but the pump seemed to be not pumping as strong as usual but still worked out fine and got just slightly less milk then usual.� Now my milk supply has been completely down, 2-3 oz combined when before I was getting 10-12 oz before.� When I feed my son he seems to do fine, so maybe it's a growth spurt and he is just eatting more leaving less for when I do pump, but I don't know.� The reduced milk has been happening now for 3 days and last night I got my period!� SO does less milk cause your period?� Does the onset of your period cause less milk?� I would like to continue breast feeding so how can I get my milk supply back up?� Once my period stops will my milk supply return to normal?� Why the heck did my period even happen?! I talked to the lactation specialist at the hospital and she said to try and pump more often.� It's been hard enough pumping 1 a day at work and now she thinks I should up it to 3 times a day at work.� She also said maybe its a growth spurt but I still need more milk to cover him through the day.� Any help would be appreciated,drying up�by the sea�� :o)

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    nursing and got my period

    It is really common for your milk supply to dip just before and during your period. It's just the hormone change. Your baby will probably nurse a little more than usual when that happens, and next week your supply will probably be back to normal. Nothing to worry about!

    HTH a little.

    (Also a good idea to check your pump - especially the white valves if you're using a Medela - but it's most likely just a normal supply dip due to AF.)

    No explanation for why some do and some don't get AF back while BFing, but one reason to be glad it did is that now you are in control of your fertility again! I want to TTC #2 but have been waiting for AF for nearly a year.

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    nursing and got my period

    First of all, it's quite common for your period to come back while you're nursing, so don't worry that a drop in your milk supply somehow caused your periods to start again. (By the way, there are any number of "Irish twins" out there whose mothers didn't realize they could get pregnant while still nursing.... :)

    My second question would be, which kind of pump are you using? When I was nursing my firstborn, I had a Medela Pump-in-Style---which I thought was the best one out there. But my milk supply dropped off fairly quickly after I returned to work. I got frustrated, thought it was my fault, and eventually switched over to formula.

    With my second son, I used a hospital-grade pump, and that made a big difference. My lactation consultant told me that the consumer-grade pumps (like the Medela Pump-in-Style) aren't as strong as the hospital ones. They don't pump enough milk to stimulate the production of more, and your body "thinks" that there is no longer as much need for milk, and production starts to decline.

    But I found that even with the hospital-grade pump, I didn't produce as much after I returned to work as I did when I was at home. Even the best pumps don't work as well as a baby does.

    Check with your lactation consultant to see what she would advise. You may need to get your baby to nurse a little more often (and pump a little more often) over the next few days to stimulate more milk production.