October Hauntings and Happenings

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    October Hauntings and Happenings

    header Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary OCTOBER 2013     Winslow's Happy Haunted
    Kid's Trail
    Friendly Haunted Nature Trail 

    Admission $10 for adults, $5.00 for children

    Every Weekend In October! 


    Located on the Winslow Nature Trail, this kid-friendly haunted trail is designed especially for children, complete with Halloween decor and perhaps a friendly ghost or two. The Kid's Trail is open daily to enjoy the sun streaming through the vibrant October foliage and to stroll through the lively decorations. The trail is also open in the evenings, when darkness makes the trail a little more sinister looking, and the lights along the trail may make some strange shadows appear . . .Boo!


    Please bring a flashlight at night! 


    Friday & Saturday Evenings 6:00 pm - 8:00 PM   Saturdays & Sundays Daily  Noon - 4:00 PM   Monday (October 14)
    Columbus Day
     Noon - 4:00 PM
    Extras: Take in the feel and fragrance of Autumn; at night, sit by a roaring campfire and enjoy a cup of cider or hot cocoa. Daily, walk the grounds and meet all of our wonderful animals.
    Pumpkin painting will be available during daylight hours. Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit, stay-for-life sanctuary, established for the rescue and care of abused and abandoned animals and animal education. Winslow Farm is owned and operated by Debra White, President, and is home to over 200 animals including, sheep, goats, horses, llamas, alpacas, exotic birds, pigs and more. Visitors to Winslow Farm can enjoy a guided tour of the sanctuary, as well as its many amenities including, nature trail, full playground, campfire  and perennial garden.


    Winslow Farm offers year round fundraising and educational events, those events can be found on their website at  www.winslowfarm.com.  All donations to Winslow Farm are tax-deductible.


    Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary 37 Eddy Street Norton, Massachusetts 02866 508-285-6451     www.winslowfarm.com wnslofrm@gmail.com

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    Women's Circle Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

    Sunday Oct 20th 2013





    Calling all WOMEN who understand the importance of aligning Will with Love during these critical times.

    Lunar energies activate our emotions,

    Which emotions are you choosing to lead with?

    Come empower Love.


    Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

    37 Eddy Street

    Norton, MA 508 285 6451


    Directions: 95S to 495S to 140S - turn right at Taunton sign. Click here for map.



    Registration: Marcia 508 339 5193


    Please bring your journal.


    Donation $25




    Don't forget our October Hauntings and Happenings all through October! More information at www.winslowfarm.com   Sincerely, Debra White
    Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary