OT - Cape Cod Vacation

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    OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    Hi All!
    I am hoping to rent a house on the Cape this summer (6-9 adults).  I've only been there a few times, so I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. 

    Which towns are good for renting a house near the beach?  Dennisport was suggested by a couple people, and I have also done searches in Harwichport, Wellfleet, and Provincetown.

    We're looking for the last week of July/first week of August.  Oddly enough, a ton of the houses I looked at are available that week.  Is there some reason that week is not desirable??  Only thing I can think of is it's during the peak (most expensive) time.

    Thank you!!
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    Re: OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    I'm a Cape girl and I'm partial to Barnstable but that's because it's where I'm from.  I've had friends use the following website:


    All have been happy with the houses.  I see no reason why that would be an undesirable week except that it will be pretty busy down here at that time.  Let me know if you have any more specific questions. I have plenty of shopping and restaurant suggestions!
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    Re: OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    We rent a house every summer in Brewster, and we love it (actually, we tend to go during the very weeks you mention). Brewster is not as touristy as other towns and being on the Bay side means the water is not as rough, which is good for the young kids we have. Harwichport is also very nice. We prefer the quieter towns, with flexibility of traveling a few miles here and there for louder/more active atmosphere when we want it.
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    Re: OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    We did our first family vacation last year down the Cape.  We stayed in Harwichport which was lovely.  We went over Memorial Day (we had a wedding down there) and stayed through the first week in June.  It wasn't great weather for us but we did get out to the beach twice.  The beach was not close enough to walk to but not far either.  There was a great playground actually across the street for our house so that was nice too. 

    On a side note about staying in a vacation house, be prepared to rearrange the knick knacks (our owners could have started a glass store) and bring lots of gates. We ended up needing three.  One on DD's bedroom door, one to block off the stairs and one to keep everyone in the main area and out of the kitchen.
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    Re: OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    Thanks everyone for the tips!

    I was wondering if there is anything else to look out for when you rent a house?  For example, we once got a house for the weekend for a bachelorette party.  Only one beach pass was included in the rental, so the second car had to pay to park at the beach.
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    Re: OT - Cape Cod Vacation

    We rent in the Cape every year, usually in Wellfleet, Eastham or Ptown, but have also spent time in Sandwich area.  

    Questions to ask before agreeing to rent:

    -Check in time/Check out time and whether there is any flexibility, esp. on check-in

    - Assuming the house does not have a/c (which most reasonably priced cape houses don't), does the house have fans for every bedroom/living space? (We've rented in the past in a place with only one fan)

    - Beach/pool access questions, including parking, condition and length of walking path etc.

    -   Location of the bedrooms w/in the house.  (Some are loft style and require a ladder, some have basement bedrooms etc.)  Be sure the configuration works for you and your family

    - Number to call in case maintenance work is needed.  Nothing worse on vacation than having a clogged toilet and not knowing who to call etc.  Usually something little needs fixing, ie light bulb etc.

    - do you bring own linens and size of beds

    - laundry facilities if any, including location of nearest laundrymat

    - is the place professionally cleaned between renters? If not, who supervises cleaning

    - For people with young kids, i'd ask about general layout.  My parents rented a house last summer that we stayed at for a few days and it was great except it had a spiral staircase with fairly wide slats connecting the lower and upper floors. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it and realized my "vacation" would be spent freaking out that my 17 month old would fall down a floor.  Someone else mentioned bringing gates wtih you and that's a great idea but this particular staircase was completely un-child proof friendly even with gates.

    - Does house come wtih grill, if so is it charcoal or gas?  If you plan to cook you may want to ask more about what type of pots/pans etc. place comes with, especially lobster pot if you like to make lobster!

    Wow, i can't wait for the summer now!!!