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OT- Vacation!

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    OT- Vacation!

    Hi all, this is totally OT but has anyone gone on a short (3, possibly 4 night) getaway somewhere warm recently?  DH and I want to plan a trip without kids for this fall (to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary and to just get away just the two of us after the past few years of being very kid/baby centric).  We are lucky in that our parents have agreed to watch the kids.  We are ideally looking for a destination that isn't too far away (ie we won't waste an entire day traveling there and back) and that is warm.  We'd also ideally not like to spend a ton of money.  We've been to Aruba before and loved it but the flights are SUPER expensive at the moment. It seems like Puerto Rico may be a good option, although I'm a little nervous about hurricane potential. Any other ideas?

    Also, this is double OT, but does anyone else agree that airfares are ridiculous these days!??  I was trying to book a flight to visit a girlfriend who just had a new baby and lives in DC and the prices were over $300! I tried several weekends and several different airport combinations and all were crazy expensive.  I remember when flights to DC were under $200...

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    Jetblue has been running specials periodically to FL, but it's hit or miss.  And, yeah, I agree, plane fare is crazy expensive.  My brother is playing in a show in Vegas, and I wanted to fly out for a couple of days thinking that a flight booked far enough in advance that wasn't during the popular months wouldn't be more than $100.  Boy, was I wrong - it was $400 every which way I tried it.

    Happy 5th!!!  Have fun wherever you go. :) 

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    Bermuda! It's a short (2 hour) flight from here, and it's direct. I haven't checked prices lately, but Jet Blue flies there. We went there two years ago and loved it (even with a 21 month old--ha). It's got a little bit of everything--history, beaches, golf, shopping, etc. If you look around, many of the hotels and resorts run specials. We stayed in an apartment and it was quite reasonable. We liked being able to make some meals at "home" to save money. If you want that information, just let me know.

    Happy anniversary!

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    Bermuda - for all the reasons Kiwi said. Just make sure you check the weather. It's not warm all year like the carribean - it's more like North Carolina so I'd avoid it November to April or so.

    And yes - airfare is expensive. But so is the jet fuel these days. Believe me, the airlines aren't making any money off of you. They are so poorly managed and run that as my DH says, "They've fallen and can't get up." They've completely lost the upper end (first class) to private jets and now "time share jets". There are also fewer people traveling for business - and often their companies make them fly coach. So all that extra money that they used to use to cover costs is disappearing. They basically use the first class to upgrade better customers.

    They are laden with debt and pension costs for their employees. But they also know that travelers shop strictly by price. So to keep rising fares "down" they stop offering meals, and charge for bags and cut corners everywhere they can so you'll pick their $279 ticket over someone elses $310 ticket. It's insane.

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    How about Florida? lost of nice cities, that will have a good mix of relaxing by the pool/beach and night life. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Tampa.

    Puerto Rico is nice, but traffic is a hassle to get in/out of Old San Juan.

    I remember flying to/from DC for $100 round trip! I miss those days.

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    We just got tickets on Jet Blue to Florida for $210. We aren't going until September but I was shocked at how low that seemed.

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    Thanks for the suggestions, all! Wow Liv $210 is great! I think I may just shop around for aflair airfare and decide our destination based on that.  Florida is a definite possibility. 

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    Re: OT- Vacation!

    I hear great things about Bermuda.  If you're inclined to stay local, I also hear great things about Montreal.  With the money you save on travel, maybe you could plan a special event or two.