Parenting at work

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    Parenting at work

    Apparently, one of the things you are unable to do is read for comprehension.

    I did not say that all childfree people are whining navel-gazers with no lives. I think that *everyone* should have the opportunity to take a pay cut and do the things they want to do. My point was that if I do leave early for something kid-related, I still have to do my work. I don't expect anyone else - parent or child-free - to pick up the slack, and neither should anyone else.

    What I did say is that I'm tired of childfree people whining about everyone else getting perks (not all childfree people, just the whiny ones). I don't think I'm special because I chose to be a parent, and you're not special because you chose to be childfree. Get over yourself.

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    Parenting at work

    I am absolutely the one!

    But if you read my post correctly (in both cases), you will find, that I did not encourage parents to bring their young ones.

    In this particular wedding case, one of the parents were in the weddingparty - and I still stand by my first suggestion - bring the newborn.That does not mean, that everyone else invited - are allowed tobring their offspring. I was assuming, that in this particular case,this new father was a good friend of the goom, and that the groomwanted him to be at his wedding.

    Work is quite different. At work, people are not partying. People havework to do. At the wedding, the mother or father can leave thereception hall with the baby, if the baby fusses. At work, it is atotally different thing. If you are my employee, how many non scheduledbreaks can I allow you doring the day?
    I have never -ever - told my employees, that they could not bringtheir children to work in an emergency. But you know, what is anemergency? In my employees opinion an emergency is summer vacations,half day teachers conferences, and other days off during the schoolyear. Those is not exactly, what I consider an emercncy. If Ihave to allow that, I might as well run a daycare center.

    I am a parent, so I do know, what problems my employees face. Andtruly, I try to help them out the best I can. However, I still say,that it is the responsibilyty of a parent to find babysitting for theirchildren. If one choose to have children, one has to absorb theconcequenses.
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    Parenting at work

    Um,., aren't you the same one who said that bringing an uninvited baby to a wedding was okay, because all babies are so easy and don't make any noise, all they do is sleep and eat? And is it that because it's only one day (albeit a very special day for two people and their families), or because the work setting is more important? Just curious how you can rationalize one and not the other.