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    I'm due with my first baby in March and I need to pick a pediatrician. Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with Woburn Pediatrics and any specific doctor there? Can anyone rave about any particular pediatrician anywhere north of Boston off of 93? Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks!!

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    I have seen a couple of different doctors (my son had a cold last week - so we were in for a sick appointment with a different doctor - she seemed nice. Off the top of my head I can't remember her name!) I met with Dr. D about a month before I had my son and he was great. We talked about when he would come in for his first appointment, hospital affiliations, views on breastfeeding, etc. I haven't had to call in the middle of the night - but I have called and been put through directly to a nurse (on a Sunday!) and have also left messages for someone to call back (non-emergency) and I received a phone call within about 2 hours. The nurses all seem very nice and are helpful whenever I have called. I don't remember having to wait 2 months for a pre-natal appointment - but I would definitely call earlier rather than probably was about a month before I could get in.

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    Thanks!!! I read some really good reviews about them online. Are there any doctors there that you didn't feel that comfortable with or just didn't like (if you ever had to see a different doctor)? I guess I just want to feel like the doctor I choose listens to me and I don't feel like I'm getting rushed (you know how some doctors can be). Have you ever had to call in the middle of the night? How responsive are they? Did you do a prenatal visit with them? Thanks so much for your input!!
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    When I was pregnant with my first, I called Woburn Ped to try to schedule a pre-natal visit. All they had available was an appt 2 months out--which seemed crazy to me.

    I ended up at Dowd Medical in Reading. Both my daughters see Dr. Sachs, and I think she's great. I aslo like how the practice works.

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    My 9 month old son goes to Woburn Pediatrics (in fact we were just there yesterday!) I LOVE them! Our doctor is Dr. D (D'Entremont) and he is wonderful. But we have seen other doctors/nurses and they have been great as well. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Let me know if you have specific questions!

    Good luck!

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    I don't have any children yet, but my family uses Woburn Pedi-Dr. Connolly in particular. They have all had their children with this doctor I believe their whole life so far and have always been very pleased.

    I can also recommend

    Alewife Brook Community Pediatrics
    29 Massachusetts Avenue
    Arlington 02474
    (781) 643-4507
    Mary-Edwina Colpoys MD
    Martha E. McCarty MD
    David A. Pangburn MD
    Hospital Affiliations:
    Winchester Hospital
    ChildrenÆs Hospital
    The Floating Hospital/NEMC

    My husband had Dr. pangburn as his pediatrician for a very long time and he was excellent.

    My pediatrician was Dr. Peter Masucci in Everett and I had him for my entire childhood.

    Hope this helps in your search for a great pediatrician! (I'm 25 so it wasn't that long ago that my husband and i had these docs as they saw us through the age of 22 so you can our personal experience on this)