In the old days in Europe,Africa and Asia,children were taught various skills,physically trained and healed.Informal tests were given by mothers,fathers,grandparents, relatives,and religious authorities.
However, most Americans left their homelands to come to the new world.They took their children out of the larger family of grandparents,relatives, religious leadership, local farmers or  artisans.
The child's success was tied to the ethical and economic intelligence of the parents and local  wisdom. The child reflected the influence and gave pride to the community and family.
The radical changes in technology altered the security of old jobs in agriculture,trade,and manufacture. Home economics was completely altered through labor saving devices.
Today, parents should check the schedule of their children and witness how many adults now enter into the child's life.
The have coaches,teachers,camp leaders,club sponsors,bosses,television professionals,and religious leaders giving them instruction and advice.Parents have ceded their major role and handed their wealth to these unrelated specialists.
The public often blames the media,but the media helps the flow of information between these large networks surrounding the child.
The other aspect of these alterations led to the dominance of the child in US culture.The child brought home the newer ideas,the language,and the technological changes.The child instructed the parents in how to adjust to the new American society,ever shifting and moving.
This erased centuries of childrearing and also meant the parents were seen as ATM outlets for the needy child.
Today, the ATM is broken and children will have to face some of the problems they did not want to examine.