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School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

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    School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    My son is 4 years old and the private school he attends, are taking all kids from K1 to Grade 3 to see this movie which according to previews and hearing from friends is a little on the violent side. Has anyone else seen it? I've contact his teacher and there is no other option for him but to stay home which I'm quite upset about considering the tuition I'm paying.
    My husband thinks I'm overprotecting him but I think he is going to be scared. My son is really into the Disney Cars Movie and hasn't really been exposed to movies. Would anyone take a 4 year old to see this movie?
    According to the teacher, I'm the only parent who is considering keeping him home from watching the movie.

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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the While Things Are

    I don't think youare over reacting at all!  From what I've read this movie is dark and scary.  I don't think it's appropriate for a 4 year old at all. 

    I would also have an issue with having to keep your son home. My daugher is in high school now, but when ever there have been field trips from day care right through middle school, if someone couldn't go there was always a backup plan.  The child never had to stay home for the day. At the very least they should credit you for the days tuition.
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

         I believe a child's imagination presents enough images from reading the book, or having it read,  to borderline give them chills without serious fear.
         The drawn images come to life are an adult's visualization, and too scary for lots of kids.

         I do not think 4 year old groups should go, as only a minority of the kids are able to handle it. 
         I would be furious to have to keep a child home, and insist on a back-up plan.  The contract for daytime care and ed. in K-1 should require that for any field trip of questionable good, the center not the parent should provide the back up plan.

        At the very least, the center should reimburse the tuition plus the full salary of any parent who stays home from work to care for the child, or who must pay a caretaker if out of the house for other reasons.  It is not  a sick day, so a parent should not have to  use sick time.  It is the private school that is in default for care  normally provided during the daytime.
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    My mother taught kindergarten for many years starting in the 60s.  She was always against the book being presented to young children.  I can't imagine what she'd say about sending these kids to a PG screen version of it.

    I'd say do the tough thing and keep him home at 4 years old.  PG?  Would you let him watch any other PG movie at that age?  The school should be reprimanded.

    ETA:  Parents are generally far too permissive, and things like this are not well thought out by school decision makers.  They often allow Hollywood to dictate what is good for kids.  My mom was oftentimes the "only parent" with an issue with something but she stuck to her guns.  She was a single parent so her word went.  But, men often blow these things off with their sons wanting them to not appear babied so I'm not surprised that your husband is pooh-poohing your concerns.  A 4 year old is not a little man, he's a boy who needs protecting.

    A four year old has NO BUSINESS at a PG movie.  If you are the only parent up in arms about this, SHAME ON EVERYONE ELSE.
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

        Well said,  Kar.  I love the book.  But it is appropriate for a little older child.  What is Max,  8?  The age child that  Maurice Sendak thought would identify with Max   and his adventures.

        You are right about PG movies, too.

      Do the 7 year olds get to go to X rated movies, so they can feel more grown up  than the 4 year olds?
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    That is absurd!!  My boys are 7 and 9 and I am not letting them see it!  Most reviews make it clear that it is for older kids.  One I read specifically said middle school to adults, as it has dark undertones and violence.  A website I like is It gives you specific details about movies, without giving an opinion on them, so you can decide what is appropriate for your own kids.  Good luck! 

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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    ECJW, how upsetting! As others have pointed out this movie is for PG -- and for what it's worth, Netflix has this movie tagged for ages 9 and up. I won't be taking my 6 1/2 year old to see it. I haven't seen it, but from everything I've read, this is not appropriate for the pre-K set. You cannot be the only parent who is upset about this -- is anyone else asking questions? I would take this complaint to the head of the center at this point and arm yourself with reviews of the film if you have to. Good luck.
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    I'm going to be the killjoy who asks why the school is taking these kids on a field trip to see a movie?  How is that appropriate?  Aren't field trips supposed to have some kind of educational aspect, like going to a museum?  We went on 1 fun trip per year [that had no educational aspect] but it was at the end of the year just before school got out. 

    FWIW, I think the movie is probably too dark for a kid that small. I think it may be okay if the child went w/ his parents, who could keep an eye on him and check his reaction. If he started getting scared, they could leave the theatre.  I don't see how a chaperone could do that for a bunch of kids. 
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    I have seen it.  In my opinion it is dark and violent for a 4 year old.  We went with a group of 5 year olds and I can honestly say that I sat there wondering what I was going to see on the playground (I haven't seen anything yet).  I can also tell you that the kids totally lost interest with 15 minutes left.  I am thinking a lot of the fighting or wild rumpus-ing went over these kids heads.  If your son hasn't been exposed to that type of move or superhero action fighting then I would not send him.  I also think it is odd to take a group of kids to a movie for a field trip - especially that age group. 
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

          Though only 40-50 years old it is a classic book a lot of people love, and someone at the school may be trying to expose them to something that stimulates the imagination, supports creative play.  Rather than violent superhero video game stuff.

         They are going about it all wrong. The movie is for the wrong age for most of the kids going, and the adults who made it fleshed out all the figures in a way that leaves little to the imagination. 
          Imagination, and day dreams let you safely explore the possibilities of things that maybe could happen - but there is no threat when you are sure they are  "Let's Pretend"  in a storybook. 
         The movie effects makes them seem real and physically present right there with the child, larger than life. They took away the fantasy.   The child can't look away, he can't indulge in a few moment of what if?  then stop thinking about it when he gets scared.  Captive audience - emphasis on captive, since the characters have a monster demeanor and overwhelming eyes and mouths that seem  "the better to eat you with  "  more than relaxed or friendly smiles.  
        The action keeps going without pause til the child gets an overload.   Not the same experience as a storybook at all.
         I hope parents scream bloody murder at the school. 
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    Re: School taking K1 to see Where the Wild Things Are

    I'd keep him home.  I've seen it, and it's wonderful.  But I'm an adult.  I remember walking out and my husband and I agreeing that it's not for preschoolers, or young elementary school kids, because there are some scary parts where they fight, or someone is excluded.  I do think it's probably appropriate for 9 yrs and up...  but 4s, 5,s, 6s, 7s are too young. 

    There really should be another option for the kids who don't go.

    And I'd agree with Kargiver on why, perhaps, your husband is reacting this way - but I'd stand firm, ESPECIALLY since your son hasn't seen many movies, and doesn't have a good sense of what a movie is.  Has he ever even been to a movie theater to see one, vs seeing a video at home?  A movie theater is a whole new experience: big, so many people, etc. that it could be overwhelming on top of the movie.

    I'd also suggest you see it with your husband this weekend so you both get a better sense of what the movie is.

    And take the day off and have a fun mom/son day - go to the Children's Museum, aquarium, go to the children's science museum out in Acton (or is it Concord? don't remember) - something fun that he'll be able to talk about, when everyone else is talking about the movie.