A girl that plays sports wins both on the field and off. Female student-athletes are healthier, have higher self confidence, and are more likely to attend college. The advantages of sports are truly endless, but without fair opportunities to participate, girls can’t reap these benefits. Every girl deserves a fair shot to play.


Have you, a family member, or friend experienced any unfair treatment in sports because of gender? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, your school may not be giving girls a fair shot.

  • Is there a sport that a girl wants to play that her school does not offer?
  • Are there fewer sports for girls to choose from?
  • Are the fields girls practice on in bad condition?
  • Are practice and game times for girls very early or late?
  • Do male athletes have more perks — better locker rooms, tutors, nicer uniforms, etc.?

Please feel free to contact me and share your story – as a parent, coach, student, or community member – about the struggles girls in your community face in their school sports programs. I’d love to hear from you!