Morning Ladies,

I am a new single mom coming back to Boston with my 1 year old daughter.
There are many things I want to create for us...and I think other single mom's understand and need them as well!

A group to share stories and support-
Babysitting swaps
Bringing in specialists for subjects of interest
arranging outings with children
arranging outings WITHOUT children
Pampering days for ourselves to take care and stay energized
Information on daycare etc, and state support.
I am interested in finding a professional mother who would like to share
a house in the Wayland Weston area.  I see sharing expenses and logistics as a great way to lift the burden from one person, and sometimes get that precious one hour extra of sleep!  Also I would like a friend for my daughter so it is not just me with her after work!  Growing up with a garden and comfortable house is important and just because her father left me does not mean she should not have that!  Move-in date of School year start desired.

Please contact me here, and if there are a few of us we can start off and build from there.  I've contacted the Globe and Middlesex news about advertising and perhaps running a story to get the word out.

Oh...I can manage facebook but I am awful at website building - but I think having one will be critical. 

Hugs ladies...I had no idea I was so strong...