Sleep tips?

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    Re: Sleep tips?

    Lissa, did you get your goat?  Amazon prime is awesome.  
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    Re: Sleep tips?

    This is a fascinating thread to read all in one sitting. 

    Kristi - I hope that it is just a phase.  When DD1 was that age, I would go in check on her and tell her it was still the middle of the night and time to be sleeping.  I had a firm rule of NEVER leaving her room in the middle of the night.  Once she went to bed, she was in that room until morning.  I would go in on occasion but if after 2 soothings and it's time for sleep explanations and it was clear she just wanted to play, I would close her door and my door and put a pillow over my head.  I'm not sure how I will handle non-emergency wake ups with the twins since everyone is in the same room.

    BTW- Kar, I can't tell you the number of times I've compared parenting to having a dog.  Or how many friends we horrified by saying that.  They were also clearly disturbed when we mentioned "caging" our DD1.  By which I mean, we put a gated enclosure around our couch and only had items inside that area that were DD friendly.  It was a large safe place for us to all hang out together in with out us having to do extensive baby proofing.  Three kids later, now the whole living room is kid proofed, although with DS's new climbing skills DH and I have to retrain ourselfs that even on top of the back of the couch is no longer safe.  :-)
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    Re: Sleep tips?

    Thanks, dz, for validation of all my "crazy" ideas.  GL when the twins come - that will definitely make it harder to the firmness philosophy.