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Swing set

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    Swing set

    Hi all!  I haven't been on here in so long.  Things are so busy, I really wish I could find time to come regularly like I used to!  But, I know you ladies can help with my question.  

    We are thinking about getting a swing set.  DD will be 4 in July and DS is 13 months.  My biggest concern is that we will spend a lot of money, and they won't use it that much.  Do those that have swing sets get a lot of use?  We have also considered a play house instead, or a covered sand box.  Thoughts?

    And what brand is good?  I have gotten a recommendation for Creative Playthings.

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    Re: Swing set

    Hi Memes - we went with this" rel="nofollow">


    Although, we got it for a better price that included installation, in total it was $1,000.  DS is 2 and we use it a lot in the spring and summer.  Last year he really enjoyed the baby swing, which was an additional $99 but worth it.  This year he's a huge fan of the slide.  Hopefully he'll continue to get a lot of use out of it over the next few years.  Overall I would say we are pretty happy with our choice.  

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    Re: Swing set

    We're in the market for a swing set too. We went to Creative Playthings in Reading. Their swings are beautiful, but they're expensive. We were looking at the base model with one $100 upgrade and we had a $600 off coupon from the newspaper. It was going to cost $2400 (granted, that was delivered and installed). I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much.

    I think we're probably going to get our swing set from BJ's. Although, I hadn't considered Mill Stores. Thanks for the tip CLC! :-)

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    Re: Swing set

    Chiclet - check out the reviews for the BJ's swing sets first.  We almost went that route but after reading how hard they were to assemble decided against it.  

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    Re: Swing set

    We have a floor model from Creative Playthings (gift from in-laws) and the kids use it every day. They even used it through the winter when it wasn't freezing. In retrospect, I would have wanted one slightly larger (with spots for 3 swings instead of just 2, etc), but really it's fine. 

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    Re: Swing set

    I can't believe I finally found these discussions.  That was my problem, I kept searching for "discussion" instead of "forum."  I wanted to answer about this.  We bought this last year from BJs, and yes it was a day and a half project (my husband, two friends and his dad).  It had about 1,000 pieces... thank goodness he's an architect.  But it is awesome!  We have a 3.5 year old and a 6 month old.  We do have a baby swing, which DS2 enjoys so far.  And DS1 is all over it... practically any day he is outside.  He loves the swings, the slide, climbing, etc.  It has really helped him too with his confidence.  He was a bit nervous when we put it up last year and didn't use it and we thought "great... a $1,000 sculpture."  But now he's all over it.  They have sales every now and then... we got it $100 cheaper last summer.  But I don't think they have any options for installation.  So you really have to be handy and have a ton of patience (and ideally several friends who will work for beer and pizza!).  Another nice feature... if you have play dates and friends over... kids of all ages will use it.  Our cousins as old as 12 use it when we have family over... which is nice giving the kids something to do.

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    Re: Swing set

    Thanks all for the tips!  Poppy.....was the floor model cheaper?  Maybe you don't know since it was a gift.  Do you know if they only offer the floor models at certain times?