At Boston University and Children’s Hospital Boston, we are studying the development of language, social, and communication skills in infants from 6 to 36 months.  We are looking to expand participation in our research study and are actively seeking to enroll parents who are pregnant or have an infant aged 6 months or younger and an older child. If eligible for the study, your baby will look at pictures and listen to sounds while their brain waves will be monitored using non-invasive methods. He or she will also play with toys, and interact with experienced professionals.  Parents will be asked to keep a home diary about their children’s developing skills. If approved by the parents interactions and sessions will be video/audio-taped, parents will be interviewed and older children will be assessed. Babies usually love it and parents find the feedback extremely informative. Compensation is available for participants.


For more information about participating in this research project, please contact:


Kerri Downing

Family Coordinator

Tel: 617- 455- 7238