Tiger Woods fallout for parents

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    Tiger Woods fallout for parents

    Hi there -   I am writing a story for the Boston Globe about the impact on the Tiger scandal on the golf industry.

    I'm looking to find parents who will be changing their shopping plans because they are not comfortable buying products endorsed by Tiger. This includes Tiger branded Nike apparel - anything from shirts to clubs -- either for yourself or for others. I know there is a lot of Tiger branded products aimed at children, including video games by EA, and wondering if you have changed your thoughts on buying any of these products.

    If this fits you or anyone you know, please email me back asap or call me 617-929-3037



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    Re: Tiger Woods fallout for parents

       Since that happened we have purchase about 15 niece and nephew gifts. 

         We are of the opinion that unless it is criminal or gross misconduct, what people including celebrities do in their own private lives is nobody else's business.

       So frankly, if we avoid any products due to the "Tiger Woods scandal"  it will be the products of any company that drops him.  Those that keep him, fine.  We will still buy.   Those who drop him for behavior they do not approve of, that is none of anyone's business, support a culture of invading people's private lives.

         Not all that many years ago, women were not allowed to teach if they were married,  and anyone even thought to be gay would be fired.
         Wake up, sponsors.  We fear the loss of all privacy in society more than anything, and condemn you when you judge people's lives based on private behavior.

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    Re: Tiger Woods fallout for parents

    Why would I do that? 

    Firstly, it's not as though I buy gifts based on who endorses them, and secondly if my child were into golf, why wouldn't I buy the Tiger Woods video game for the Wii?  It's a good golfing game.

    I could really care less about Tiger having sex outside marriage.  Quite frankly I'm more shocked when someone who has fame or money DOESN'T have extramarital sex.

    Beyond that, monogamy is a ridiculous concept to begin with...thanks Christianity...
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    Re: Tiger Woods fallout for parents

    it's the media -- YOU  -- that are the sharks with the feeding frenzy, not the general public. 

    People have more important things to worry about than the scandal of the week.  Besides, most of us aren't running out to buy Buicks or Tag Hauer  watches for Christmas gifts.  And I stopped buying Gillette products when the execs. took the buyout and put thousands of Bostonians out of work.