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Time to get pg again?

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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    sarahbth, this is one of those questions that gets the "there's no good time" answer! As far as whether you'll have enough energy, only you can know what you can handle. Are you rushing things? Not really. But I don't think there's ANY way you won't be exhausted after having #2 (in your case #3) and working outside the home, so I think if you decide you want another baby, that's just the way it is. Babies are tiring! I had #2 just about 2 yrs 9 mos. after #1 (and I work full time) and I was exhausted, so I would imagine you would be especially with twins. But I have liked having them nearly three years apart and it DOES get better as they get older.

    I don't know anything about your grandad, but I wouldn't necessarily factor him in. I would think it's a lot to ask an older person to take care of rambunctious twins AND a baby, so it may be that no matter what you need to reconsider your childcare situation if you decide to have another baby. By 2 1/2, they will definitely be napping a lot less, be much more active, etc. my MIL took care of my oldest for nearly 3 years, but by the time #2 came along, there was no way she could handle having two.

    good luck!
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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    We're expecting our second child now, and our son is 2 yrs right now.  I agree with the age-old wisdom, that there is never really a conevnient time for children.  Just take one day at a time (sometimes one minute at a time), and you will find ways to move forward.  Just remember to take time for yourself occassionally, and things will work out.

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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    We're starting this debate now...what is good spacing???  We're hoping to start TTC this spring/summer so our babies would be a little more than two years apart.

    I think there are pros/cons with any timing...

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    My two children are 3 - 1/2 years apart. I felt at the time, it was perfect. The older one was out of diapers. He started preschool - so I had the baby all to myself for a few hours, and I had time to do some housework in the morning, while the baby was napping. I don't think I would have been able to do this if my older one had been only two years old - never mind twins.
    But then again, we are all so different - and like several posters have already pointed out - there is no right time to have a baby.
    If you really want that baby, and time is running out - go for it. But if  you can wait to get pregnant until your twins are 2-1/2, I believe you will enjoy your new baby a lot more.  However, all children are a blessing, no matter what.

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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    Well    Hi! pingo.    Does not seem that long ago you gave the original  birthday greetings to my twins,  though it was a year ago April  when they were born.

    This post is kind of moot.  I took a home pregnancy test the other day,  and it looks like I am pg.

    My grandfather has been more actual help than we ever expected.   He lives with us, in an in-law type suite so he can  be with us or have his own space as much as he wants.  He has provided the kind of break nursery school did for you.  He takes care of the twins about 3 hours if in the morning, up to 4 if afternoon when it includes nap time, 4-5 times a week.
    He does similar for my sister since she moved in last winter, though often takes them for a 10 hour overnight when her husband is out of town, 8- 9 days most months.

    Aside from them just going to Wag's for an adventure, she sits sometimes while I work,  and takes 1 or both to play for a couple of hours most days and takes them at least a half day a week,  and they go for overnights too with Wag and DH, about every 2 weeks.

      Also a great surprise, they go overnight with her parents about every 2 weeks.  I thought sure that was a nice gesture when the kids were real young, but they have been doing it since the babies were 3 months.  Always early the evening before, our regular date nights.

    Our local area group  is not a MO Twins, but a Parents of Multiples.   So far only 1 set of triplets,  but several people have a second child in less than a year, their own from birth or adopted, or a marriage has combined families with 4 or 5 kids in 3 years.

    I am the envy of POM,  my sister a close second.  The only ones with as much child care in house have a cranky and difficult in-law they would love to have retire to Arizona.   We count our blessings!

    My kids have their own snuggle sleeping bags, and my son's thing since last summer is that as soon as they come home from a night with Wag and her DH  or Wag's parents,  he has to see the sleeping bags and baby bag things washed, dried, and packed for "go again more."

    I know this cannot last forever, so we will take advantage of it.

    How I ramble on.  Wag and Gapa (great grandfather)  have   my 2 and sis's 2,  the Fearsome Foursome, outside riding in a small box sleigh.   Gapa sits on a padded seat and the 4 20-22 mo olds have child seats with harnesses, while Wag skis along.

    They will come in shortly and pass out cold for a nap  while I get dinner.

    Wait and see.  I hope this is it, it is beginning to seem real.                          sarahbth
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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    sarahbth!  Congratulations!  Guess it's been a long cold winter up there!!!

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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    Congrats, sarahbth!!  I think you'll manage - loads of people have more than 2 kids not too far apart, and somehow they get through it. :)
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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    I guess that my worry is with being so tired while pregnant I will have trouble with the 2 toddlers.  But I am hoping I was so much more tired last time because I was incubating 12 pounds of twins, and this will not be so tiring  that last 3 months.  I remember hitting a 45 inch waist at 5 1/2 months last time-  everything was an effort.

    I like the idea of kids close enough to play together.

      Cosmo-  The weather has been cold recently,  but we have been keeping warm.  That's how I got pg . T (DH)  is ready to pop wanting to tell people.  So I let him tell my grandfather tonight,  I think that was 3 beers ago,  proud Daddy.

    He has an intelligent   Tony Danza personality - lots of energy and bounce.  Right now  seems to have been the right time  to get pg  as far as he is concerned.

    Kargiver- I check in and read more than I post.  Your Grace (sp)  is beautiful.  We have a black  golden retriever- sheltie cross, as well as our snow dog Kiki.    All retrievers are so loyal and loving.

         I think black labs are a little harder to train than ours,  but nothing is as willful as the NID.  We really wanted one, and it was a wedding present from Wag and her DH,  but I think Kiki at 12 weeks looked at me, and thought, Humph -  I'll be bigger than she is in 6 months.

          Even when we lived across the water on Lake Winnipesaukee,  Wag was trainer and pack leader.  Otherwise Kiki would run the house.
         The picture below is from Kiki's 1st birthday 2 years ago -  my husband calls it the 240 pound dance,  120 pounds of me and 120 pounds of "puppy"  Kiki.   He literally would dance me around when I tried to tell him something.
          I finally had to admit Wag was right,  I needed to take training seriously.   It  seems you have  done the work with your big puppy too.

     Now Kiki is great, even pays attention to the kids who seem to take to hand signals like ducks to water.   Good practice for me.  We are starting formal toilet training next week,  but the twins  are 2/3 trained now-  for 1 month they have been sitting on the pot a several times a day.

      Wag actually Charted (on graph paper) when they were wet for 2 weeks,  and set times that were good windows of opportunity  for high success. So like her.

       Since then we follow the schedule,  and get up 1 time at 1 am  as well.  We just hit a 4 day run,  no wet diapers day or night! 
      Now that Mom and Dad have been trained,  to bring them when needed (we think)  we will start-  you tell us when you have to go   training.   Just like the dog.

         I will be glad they are out of diapers  when I am 5 months pregnant and I do not have to lift a 28 pound boy up on a table to change him.  Then swing him down and change daughter as well.  That kind of energy was my big fear in getting pg.  Maybe with them potty trained,  I will have more leisure (  that's a joke!).  For a mother of 20 month old twins,  leisure is when anyone else has the kids.  I call my 8-16 hours a week of work,  my break. 
      I'm feeling a lot more confident, yesterday and today, that the timing is right  for another baby.    Chat again, but now it is bedtime.  My son wakes up within 5 minutes of 8 am,  every morning.  Unlike his sister,  he does not sit quietly and play until someone notices.

    Big Mouth  like his dear old dad.  He starts, calling out and waving his arms,   Kiki does a  wooo  wooo dog chorus, and soon  we hear the sympathetic woo woo  from the other 7 dogs at Wags. 

    Howling for attention is a group activity  (Malamutes and NID  almost never bark.  They howl like a freight train in the distance,  soft but over and over until son is out of his crib.)   Dear daughter sits and watches the show every morning, and claps her hands and giggles when they succeed in getting my attention.
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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    Thanks for the shout out, sarahbth, about our dear Gracie.  Enjoyed reading of your 240 lbs, too, and the photo is amazing!

    Oh, yes, I'm sure you'll feel so light on your feet throughout this pg after starting out with twins! 

    Congrats, again. :)
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    Re: Time to get pg again?

    Remember that toilet training is a process, just like going from nursing/bottle to a cup...  not all accomplished at once.  So perhaps at the beginning they wear diapers to bed, because a child in a crib simply cannot get up and get to the bathroom in enough time and at 20 months most toddlers sleep too soundly to wake up, or to "hold it" because their bladders don't work as well as ours do. So at nap and bed, they wear diapers, when they are awake they are in underpants.  Not confusing - what's confusing is when you wear diapers half the day and underpants at other times. 

    Oh, and by the way, pullups are just pampers and huggies ways of getting children to use their products until 4 yrs old....   if it feels like a diaper, sounds like a diaper, must be a diaper!  pullups single-handledly set back toilet training by 1 year in many kids!  They are great for a child who is 5 yrs old and still not ready to be in underpants at bedtime, or for a toilet trained child in plane for 8 hours without proper access to a bathroom (remember, you can't get up anytime you want in a plane), but other than those uses, really, I hates them thar pullups!