Torit Montessori to Begin Elementary Program - Open House April 24

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    Torit Montessori to Begin Elementary Program - Open House April 24

    Torit Language Center Montessori in the heart of downtown Boston is seeking School Committee approval for an elementary program to begin this Fall (September 2014). The program will continue the teaching the School has been doing since 2008 for children from birth through age six. The elementary curriculum will continue to offer Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin and Music that are currently part of its strong curriculum. Drama and dance will be added to the curriculum and fully integrated as a way of teaching subject matter content. The amazing Montessori sequenced curriculum with its beautiful manipulatives offers all of the proven tools to meet the Common Core literacy and math foundational skills. Additionally, the planned curriculum focuses heavily on 21st / 22nd century critical thinking, logical reasoning and big picture analytical skills, inspired by its Founder and Executive Head of School, Kristen Mansharamani, who holds degrees from Harvard Law School and from Yale College (Ethics, Poltics and Economics.) Sherla Collymore-Phillips, the Curricular Head of School, brings years of teaching experience from high school to the Montessori Children's House level and infuses the curriculum with her artistic flair and passion for music, both inspired by growing up in Barbados.

    The School will hold an Open House on April 24th from 7:00 - 8:00pm, both to briefly preview the proposed Curriculum and the Bromfield Street Schoolhouse facility. Since April 8th is just around the corner, don't worry if you can't make it. The School is also scheduling individualized visits for interested parents. You can call the office at 617-292-5181. For those of you who just came through a stressful School admissions process, the good news for you is that Torit has a policy of "first-come, first-enrolled!" Call the office to RSVP for the Open House (617-292-5181).

    For those interested in the younger programs, please also feel free to contact the school for a visit or stop in at the open house. My daughter is currently in the infant/toddler room, and is having a wonderful experience!

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    Re: Torit Montessori to Begin Elementary Program - Open House April 24