What to bring to the hospital

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    What to bring to the hospital

    I agree with the other posters that you don't need half the stuff those lists say.� We used toiletries, the camera, a going home outfit for me and baby, clothes for DH, I did read a book.� DH brought snacks and didn't touch them.� The hospital fed him.� Oh, we also needed a phone card.� No cell phones at that time in the hospital (-->-->Mount--> -->Auburn-->-->) but�this was 3 years ago.��We also had a list of people to call.-->-->As for bringing electronics don't be surprised if�you can't use them until a member of the maintenance staff inspects them.� My dad was an electrician at a hospital and this was one of his primary duties.� I know my brother and SIL couldn't use their radio until it was inspected.� It took a while.� This was -->St. Vincent-->'s in -->-->Worcester-->-->.-->-->�

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    What to bring to the hospital

    Hi~ i agree travel lightly.� I brought� my favorite toiletries for the shower, 2 nightgowns, sports bra (I'm bottle feeding), cotton bathrobe, outfit to come home in, and slippers.� I needed nothing else.� I didn't even need the nightgowns, you can wear what the hospital gives you.� I had the babies bag put together, but I left it in the car.� He did not come home with us, so I brought it in when he came home. Also, bring chapstick (my lips got very dry during delivery), your camera and batteries to take lots of pics of your little bundle.� I can't believe the amount of pics we've already taken and he's 11 days old!!! :)� Ps.� there were people who brought in full piece luggage sets to the hosptial, I can't figure out what they brought, but that's a lot to lug in and out.� And when you leave you have the�baby, extra stuff from the nursery and carseat.� Enjoy your experience!!� I'll never forget mine, it was amazing!

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    What to bring to the hospital

    Things we brought and used: Insurance card & any pre-registration info, toothbrush & toothpaste, laptop, camera & extra film, snacks, my own pillow, blanket for hubby, chapstick, socks, batrobe, sleeping bra, clothes to go home in, deodorant, clothes for hubby, 1 outfit for baby and 1 blanket, and a thank you gift for the nurse.We brought a lot more but didn't end up using anything else.� There is no need at all to bring clothes for the baby except the 1 outfit, we had packed enough for a 10 day trip !� :o)� I also brought books and magazines but didn't end up reading them at all.Good luck!!

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    What to bring to the hospital

    Love the sleeping bra, maybe it's called a nursing sleeping bra? not sure but a must have, this is what mine looks like.The first few weeks this was all that I wore!� This is a medela one.� The nurse who helps you during the delivery is the one that I was referring too.� There were 2 nurses that were so nice and special to me that I wanted to get them each something.� I had brought in a gift bag with a candle holder and candles for one of them, she was there for the delivery.� When I first got there the nurse that helped me through the pain and was very supportive had been talking with my mom and we got her a special gift of some wine from a winery in Plymouth (where my parents live) that she loved and had mentioned.� We had 2 nurses during the labor and delivery because of the way the shifts fell, I think sometimes its only 1 nurse who is there to support you through it all.� After you have the baby there are plenty of other nurses and people who help out but we wanted a special thanks for the delivery nurses.�

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    What to bring to the hospital

    Honestly - I think the lightest you can travel the better.� You really don't need much.� You need an outfit to go home and an outfit for the baby.� (Leave extra space in your bag - the hospitals tend to give you extra diapers, etc.)� I brought my toothbrush too.� The only other thing that we brought was our ipod with a speaker so we could listen to during labor.� (Oh - chapstick and hand cream!)�� Other than that� I didn't use anything else that we brought and we were there for 5 days!!!

    Good Luck!

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    What to bring to the hospital


    I know there are a million sites out there with lists of what to bring to the hospital for the labor stay, but for is there anything any of you wish you brought or was a waste of time?�

    Thank you