Where are peoples manners?

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    Re: Where are peoples manners?

    Wow Prill....

    I used to always prefer to stand on the train.  Now that I’m pregnant, I sit whenever I can.  Not because I am so pregnant now that I am uncomfortable standing, but during rush hour when the train is packed like sardines, I get hit in the stomach too often with elbows, purses, backpacks, etc...just feel safer and more protected sitting.  

    Yesterday on the way home, a woman (talking loudly one her cell) had her shopping bag in the only open seat, so I went and stood in front of it, giving her a moment to move it on her own, and she gave me this look like I dare you to say something about my bag, cause I’m not moving it.  A woman a few seats away started to get up to offer her seat, and at the same time the obnoxious cell phone lady looked at my stomach, and only then moved her bag.  Guess I can’t complain yet if that’s my worst experience so far...I don’t mind asking for a seat when I need it, as most people just don’t pay attention. 
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    Re: Where are peoples manners?

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    Sounds like you've got some great guns!
    Posted by lemonmelon

    Yep, Lemon, call the NRA, it is quite the gun show happening over here!