Dear parents,


I am collecting stories by working parents of young children for a new PBS/web documentary series about early childhood development.



I’m part of a team of award-winning Boston-based filmmakers here at Vital Pictures currently producing THE RAISING OF AMERICA. The film looks at the crucial role of early childhood development and asks: as a society, why are we not doing all we can to put in place supports for parents and caregivers and their young children?




Do you have a story about the difficulties of being a working parent with young children that you'd be willing to share? 


We are looking for two-parent households with both parents working (household combined income of about 30k to 100k) and young children (ages 0-4) who would share their stories candidly with us on film.  These are some of the themes we are exploring:



- longing to spend more time with children and inability to do so


- the challenges of childcare (financial strain of child care, difficulty finding care, etc)


- making ends meet with 2 incomes and/or under-employment and/or job loss


- inflexible work schedule (for example: you have a sick child and unable to get time off from work)


- issues with housing (home underwater, rentals with children)


- contingent work schedule



- sense of isolation or being overwhelmed


If you are willing to share your story, please send an email with your name and a few sentences about your situation to my colleague Leigh: .


If you know of someone with a great story, please feel free to forward them this posting.



For more information on the project you can visit the website: 




Thank you,




(mother of Oskar & Till (4 and almost 2) and VERY excited about this project I am working on)