1st birthday party tips/advice

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    1st birthday party tips/advice

    With DD's first birthday about 2.5 months away, I'm really starting to think about planning. Here's what I know so far:

    the date & location

    time (though this I'm wondering on- was planning on something like 2-4pm or 130-430pm)

    rough guest list (around 40 people to be invited)

    theme (cupcakes)

    rough menu (finger sandwiches, veggies & dip, chips & dip, pasta and potato salads, soda, water, etc)

    cake (I have a baker).

    I'm wondering about things like activities (we'll probably get a kiddie pool, some bubbles, maybe sidewalk chalk. The party is in June, so definitely could be summer weather. There will likely only be a small handful of kids though, the oldest around 6 years old and youngest will be DD.

    Does anyone have any feedback on my plans so far, or any tips, tricks, advice from parties you've had? Thanks!

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Get a tent if you're going to be outside. DS's birthday is in August. We rent tents and tables & chairs every year. The first two years, we had mostly adults - one or two little kids and did cookouts with tons of food.  It was so stressful. Last year, we had all his friends from school (plus their parents), ordered pizzas, bought beer for the grown ups and juice boxes for the kids, and let the kids loose in the backyard. Not having to deal with getting all that food was such a relief.


    For DS's first birthday party, we had planned it for one o'clock, too, and he ended up going in for a nap about an hour into the party, so if your daughter still afternoon naps, keep that in mind.

    Most importantly, though, don't stress and have fun.

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Obviously plan a time that won't interfere with your child's nap time. And if you're inviting any 18 month to two and 1/2 year olds they all nap from 12:30 or 1:00 until about 2:30 or 3pm. Finally - I find that kids get bored and grumpy after about an hour and a half - two hours max so don't plan on people staying much longer than that.

    Personally I'd skip the kiddie pool - what a mess to have cold, wet kids who need to dry off and change to have cake - but that's just me. Plus you have to be super viligant when kids are around water - can't turn your back for a second. Maybe rent a ball pit instead?

    Kids LOVE bubbles and older ones like sidewalk chalk - and balloons and balls are popular outside too. And you'll want to have goodie bags or favors for the kids - since they are all really diverse ages you may have to customize these a bit. But no need to spend too much - maybe $3 or $4 each.

    The first birthday party is much more for mommy and daddy than for baby so make sure it's what you want it to be and are having fun - by the time they ar 3 or 4 you'll be saying "Let's just have it at Energy Fitness so I don't have to clean up the mess!"


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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    I agree with Misslily - I would have the party either like 10-12 or 3-5. Two hours max (friends and family who wish to could always stay later). I wouldn't worry too much about activities. Do you have a yard? Get a few balls. If you're worried they'll be bored, maybe have some craft stuff out. I am NOT a crafy person but have had successful craft activitied at my kids' birthdays that were accessible to all ages. (Think cardboard plates with crayons and stickers for them to decorate.) Bubble and sidewalk chalk - also GREAT ideas. I recently saw a website that showed some really cool photos taken above of kids lying on the ground next to chalk drawings. Really neat.

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Having given and been to umpteen little kids' birthday parties:

    Don't put out activities that kids can't do on their own, or with maybe one mom or an older kid helping.  It's not fun if each kid is sitting there having Mom coach them through the activity.  Not for the kids--they aren't interacting.  Not for Mom--it's a party, not a parenting bee.

    Give the adults something to do and as implicitly or explicitly as necessary give them permission to keep an eye on the kids but also mingle and chat with other adults.  Do you have a sitter, older neighbor kid, friend's kid who you could pay a few bucks to be a party helper?

    Don't make it look like you've invited the kids because you have to, and the real party (with grownup conversation and beer with Uncle Bob and the *good* food) is going to start as soon as all the boring baby people leave.

    Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are great.  Go to the craft store and get the Foamies sun visors and a bucket of Foamies stickers for your party hats.  Face paint is always a big hit (this is where the teen helper is great).

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Summer we are currently going through the same planning process.  Here's what I have so far...

    Time - 11 am - 2pm (DS naps at 10 am usually until 11 or 11:30am and then again at 1:30-2 until 3 - 3:30)

    Theme - Jungle animals

    Food - cook out food (burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken), salad, apps

    Cake - planning to make cupcakes

    Activities - except for 2 kids that are 8 and 6 all of the kids will be between 16 - 12 months.  We are getting a swing set for DS as his birthday gift so that will be a draw and then I will also do bubbles.  We have a pretty sizeable fenced in back yard so that will help.  While we hope most people will be outside we also have a playroom off the kitchen that the "babies" from playgroup could hang out in.

    Gift bags - Jungle animal bubbles and jungle themed toddler sun glasses.  I will probably put something different together for the two older kids that will be coming but with only two of them I'm sure I can find something they would be happy with.


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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Here's what I'd recommend based on what I did and what I think I should have done for my kiddos 1st birthdays:

    1. Try not to invite too many people.  I'd recommend 20 max otherwise it can be overwhelming.

    2. I'd also recommend timing it at the sweet spot for toddlers - 10:00-12:00.  After breakfast and before lunch/naps.  And I do agree with the 2 hours max.

    3. Activities/Grab bag?  Get each kid a mylar balloon.  Holy fun!!  Of course that only works with an indoor party.

    4. Mini cupcakes - don't knock yourself out, they love the ones from the supermarket.  What a hit!  And maybe make a little cake for your little one and for pictures.

    And be sure to have fun!  Happy 1st Birthday!!

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    Thanks for the tips! Our yard is a decent but manageable size, and we're hoping to have it fenced by then. Perhaps we'll skip the pool and just opt for bubbles, balls, etc for the other kids. There will probably only be 3 kids (2yo, 3yo, 6yo) and then DD (12 mo) so I know I don't have to go all out. I'll get them each a favor bag with some small toys or something.

    I already got in touch with our baker- she's going to make a jumbo cupcake theme smash cake for DD and then cupcakes for the guests. I bake as a hobby, but between planning the rest of the party, making food, and not even being out of school at that point, I can only do so much!

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    Re: 1st birthday party tips/advice

    I'd recommend keeping it small, but it looks like that's not an option.  Remember that a lot of people can be overwhelming for a one year old.

    Also, keep it short.   That's a lot of stimulation for a little one.  Remember their neds when planning a party.  Plan around the child's needs, consider noise, duration, activities etc.  It takes very little for them to be happy.

    Be flexible.  Kids are unpredictable, they made need some quite time, even a nap mid party.  Don't overlook the signs, or try to "hold out."  Follow their lead.