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26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

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    26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    hi all - my 26 month old twins lately have not been taking their naps! 

    our current schedule is: bedtime at 7pm and they usually fall asleep sometime before 8pm.  they wake up at 7am.  naps are around 12:30 or 1pm.  for the past week+ they have just bopped around their cribs, talked to each other, read books, etc.  on the days when they don't nap they fall asleep very close to 7pm (sometimes we even put them to bed earlier on these days, like 6:30 or 6:45 and they fall asleep right away and sleep until 7 the next day).

    they used to each take at least a 1 hour nap, more typically 2 and sometimes 2.5-3 hours.  but, when they were doing this i think they were falling asleep closer to 8pm and getting up closer to 6:30am.

    my questions are:

    1) how much sleep is normal for this age? (i lent my copy of weissbluth!)

    2) if i wanted to get back the pm nap (i'm not sure i do - i think so, though, b/c going from 7am to 7pm is a very long time w/o a rest, and 2yo seems really young to not nap), how would i adjust their schedule - put them to bed later and wake them up earlier?

    3) has anyone else gone through this?  would love to hear what your experience has been.

    thank you!  :)

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    I do think 2 is early to drop the nap. That being said, I know there are kids who do it. My twins dropped their nap at 2.9 and I thought that was early. I cried about it too since it meant no break for me all day!

    One thing you can try is putting them down later in the afternoon. Try putting them down at 1 :30 and see if they sleep. My twins nap time shifted to a little later in the day when they were two.

    You can also institute "quiet time". They don't have to nap - but they have to stay in their beds and "rest". Sometimes they will sleep and sometimes they wont. I will mention that when I tried to do this I failed miserably, but my kids were out of their cribs and free ranging in their room at 2.9 when they dropped the nap. So they ran around and played tag, stripped their beds and basically made a huge mess. But I do know moms who have had great success with "rest time" during the nap transition.

    If they do drop the nap - move up bedtime 45 minues or an hour - they will need the sleep.

    Good luck!

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Stef-are your kids in day care? do they nap there?

    DS would fight the nap at home on the weekend, hasn't napped at home on the weekends since he was about 2.5. But will still nap at school. We've actually asked that school not have him nap, since he'll be up until 9-10pm on the nights he naps. (but he's 4 now) But when he was 2 I figured he just was used to the routine of napping, so we got strict and followed day care's schedule and his napping worked better. Strict lunch time, then right down after lunch. where we had been doing lunch based of hunger...

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Stefani - my now 2.8 yo has been doing exactly what you describe for months now.  She's totally chill in the crib and just plays.  Sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes she doesn't.  If she doesn't fall asleep after 2 hours, I come and get her.  If she falls asleep after like an hour, I get her after she's slept for about an hour or 1.5 hrs.  If she falls asleep straight away I get her in about 2 hrs.  Oh, and she sleeps about 10 hrs at night.  I'm not sure if that's what she "should" get, but she seems to be thriving on it!  The only other thing is that she goes down for a nap at about 3pm, so maybe switch their naptime to after lunch?  Otherwise, I'd say keep doing what you're doing so you get a break :)  

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    kids are not in day care so i can't compare the at-home napping with that!  but it is funny how kids will nap at daycare but not at home.  go figure. 

    misslily, maybe we'll try shifting the naps until later - 1:30-ish.  i used to think that backfired b/c we "miss the window of opportunity," but heck we've been missing it regardless of time they go down so it's worth a try.

    i wonder if also putting them to bed later - like 7:30 - would help them need a nap in the pm?

    trouble, i agree - i mean it's OK now that they at least rest in their cribs - so we still get a break! - but it just SEEMS like they should sleep during the day, right?  i always dread the cranky nights when they don't nap. 

    on the days when the naps fail, maybe we should also be s*cking it up and still putting them to bed at 7, NOT earlier, so that the next day they will nap?  usually we make up for the lack of nap by putting them down early (haha - meaning we get less of the crankies, too), but that could be what's causing the lack of nap the next day? 

    i wonder if weissbluth gets into this for older kids - does anyone know?


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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Stefani, you are having exactly the same experience as our house too.  My DS, almost 27 months actually goes quite well without a nap, and gets a much better and longer night's sleep (as opposed to when he was much younger and a bad nap destoryed nighttime).  I haven't seen how he is several days or a full week in a row without a nap, so not sure if they are just one-off successes.  He does still nap at daycare... anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.  And he will still nap at home when I put him down around 12:30 or 1pm.  He just also happens to do just fine without a nap (didn't get one yesterday due to a crazy packed schedule) and went right to sleep at 7:15 and slept until 6:30 this morning.  And that's long for him where he's usually 9.5-10 hrs a night.  I'm thinking my son is a 12 hours-a-day sleeper... whether that's 10 at night and 2 during the day, or 12 all at night.  I'm not going to make any changes right now, and will still offer naps and "rest times" as Lilly and Trouble mention.  Which I remember having as well until I was well into the 2nd grade... my mom was adament that she needed an hour's break from me :-)  I do think 12 hours of awake time is too long for 26 months for their regular weekly schedule, so good luck trying to keep some form of daytime rest.

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    It is true that 2 seems a little early because some kids keep napping until they are 4 (so I've heard from their glowing, well-rested mothers) but mine dropped her nap at 2.  She kept having "quiet time" without incident until around 3.  She'd sit in her room and play quietly during what used to be her nap time.  Then when her younger sister was born the "quiet time" stopped.    She needed about 12-13 hours of sleep at night at this point and still does, even without the quiet time and with being older now.

    You might have to experiment a bit to find a sleep schedule that works.  I would hesitate to try too hard to get them back to napping.  Making it a battle might lead to a rebellion which is worse than the quiet talking you've got going now.  I imagine with twins it's harder anyway because you've got to get them BOTH to do it or the one will wake the other up.

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Some moms I know have successfully separated twins to extend the nap and/or quiet time. Mine refused to, so we gave up. I have a former guest room all set up as DS's room and he refuses to use it - they want to be together! :)

    And I thought making the nap later would "miss the window", but it seemed to work for us for about 6 months. Worth a shot anyway.

    Good luck!

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    OMG, I am so not ready for the nap to disappear. This post is scaring me.

    That said, DD (26 months) still naps between 1-2 hours every day, as long as we put her down sometime between 12:30-1:30. The other day, we were coming home from a wedding and didn't attempt the nap until almost 3pm and it didn't work. However, I needed a break so I told her that nap time wasn't over, but if she didn't want to sleep she could read books and listen to music (we just put an ipod doc in her room) in her crib.  She LOVED it. Sat in there by herself for almost an hour, every so often calling out, "I need more books, Mama!" She was a bit tired by bedtime (7:30ish) but not out of control. I hope if the nap is fading away that the book reading sticks for a while.

    Our pediatrician did tell us that there isn't really a "window of opportunity" with toddlers like there is with younger kids. With infants/early toddlers you need to catch them before they are overtired, but toddlers (according to my pedi) are the opposite; they more tired they are, the easier they will go to sleep because they have such a drive to try and stay awake. So maybe the later nap time will help?

    Update: I *just* read an email from a good friend who said that her 28 month old has stopped napping and does the same thing. Ack! Not ready for this!

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    DD1 stopped napping at a bit over 2.  She was always a kid who was capable of going all day without a nap even as a baby without any problems.  Once the twins were born, we ran out of places for kids to nap (we didn't nap the twins in the same room until they were almost a year) so DD1 dropped napping then.  It wasn't great but since there weren't behavioral issues from lack of sleep, it wasn't too bad either. 

    The twins are the same age as Stefani's (and DD1 when she stopped napping) and while DD2 shows some signs of not wanting to nap everyday they are home with me (the weekends) they go up at 12:20-1:30 and stay up there for 1.5 to 2 hours.  I don't care if they nap (although DS always does and DD2 does 95% of the time) but we all need a break from each other. At the in-laws (daycare) they will get kids up if they are awake after 45 mins-1 hour of being upstairs.  Kids totally know where they can get away with things and they know people will get them up at Grammy's and they can scream for over an hour at home and still have to stay in the room (although I will go in and try to calm them down after 30-45 mins but we don't leave the room).

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Oh, yes, if your 26 month olds aren't sleeping, I do hope you can enforce "quiet time" for another 6-12 months because EVERYONE needs a mental and physical break.  Perhaps you'll have to do this QT in different rooms because twins would just play together and keep each other up.  So one rests in their room, the other rests in your bedroom, and you switch every day?  Not watching tv, because the visual of tv actually keeps you awake because of the visual stimulation. But you could get a few books on tape (well, CD) and play those so the children could listen to them (I'd not give them the book, because that leads to sitting up, turning pages, horsing around.... not sleep inducing) and hopefully drift off.  Because obviously you might call it QUIET time but you are hoping it will be SLEEPING time, LOL.

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    Re: 26 month olds dropping nap - adjustments/tips/advice needed!

    Ok these posts are freaking me out too but just to echo something CT said.  DD is now 27 months and two days last week she did not take a nap.  I know for sure one of those days I let her have a book in the bed.  I thought she would look at it and fall asleep.  Well, not exactly.   Thank God I had the monitor on because I heard her in her room saying "Momma, I want to come out" and found her at the door.  That is the first and only time she has gotten out of the bed.  (Personally I think she thinks there is a force field since she can readily get in and out if she wants to). 

    So, back to sensory deprivation for us - haha.  She will sleep for about 2-3 hours - I often have to wake her up by 4 so that she sleeps at night (bedtime 6:30-7) but a lot of times I will go in and she is just hanging in the bed.  Then she and her 8 month old sister love to hang in the bed together - they laugh their heads off so it has become a routine that after DD # 1 wakes up DD #2 goes in there with her and they play.  Super cute!