So, on my To Do list leading up to DS's due date I had "Start college savings fund" and "Buy life insurance." Since the little guy decided to show up almost 3 weeks early, I am just now getting around to these tasks 5 months later!

We got some money from family at DS's "Welcome to the World" ceremony this past weekend, so I want to put it straight into a college fund. From what I've read, a 529 is the most common of these, so I think we're just going to do that for DS. Any tips on starting one? For those that have them, which investment option did you use? I'm inclined to do the age-based one that gets more conservative as the child gets closer to college age, but I don't really know -- I just know that's a common approach with retirement plans.

Also, any general tips on deciding life insurance? DH and I looked into it a bit before DS was born, and I find the different options a bit confusing. I could figure it out, but I'm notoriously impatient with this stuff (thank goodness I didn't decide to go to law school!). What kinds of policies do the parents out there have? Is there a standard approach that is recommended for new parents?