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Advice for Dealing with Time Change?

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    Advice for Dealing with Time Change?

    We will be travelling to Seattle at the end of the month with DD, who is 16 months.  I was hoping someone might have some advice for dealing with the time change?  They are 3 hours behind us.  I have heard and read that it's best to keep your baby on the same schedule as much as possible, but if we do that, she'll be getting up at 3:30 every morning and ready for bed at 4:30 each evening.  Obviously, that won't work.  Should we try to shift nap time or something in an effor to get her to sleep later/stay up later?  Any suggestions, stories or encouragement would be welcome.  I am just not sure what would work best and prevent us from having a cranky baby the whole time. 

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    Re: Advice for Dealing with Time Change?

    We did two weeks on the west coast.  Our DD transitioned, no trouble.  Honestly, the travel is disorienting enough for them on its own that they'll follow your lead. 

    Use the blackout advice I've ever gotten. 

    We've traveled extensively with our daughter. She has flown to 4 places (Colorado, San Francisco, Edinburgh and London) and we've driven up and down the East Coast plenty.  She has been fine each time.  People make a much bigger deal over travel with kids than they need to.

    Kids are far more adaptable than people give them credit for being...