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Advice for flying

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    Advice for flying

    HI Guys,

    We're flying to St. Louis to visit cousins next week and I was hoping you might be able to give me some advice.  I've never flown with a baby before and I'm pretty nervous.  we made sure we got a direct flight so it's less than 3 hours but still i'm nervous!  Our little guy is 6 months.  We just recently bought a convertible seat since he's over 20 lbs however he can still stay in the bucket till 30 and we haven't switched him over just yet since we had this trip.  we figured we should keep him in the bucket and the snap n go for the airport.  would you agree?  he doesn't love the snap n go or the bucket but it will be easier in the airport then carrying him around and I've heard you can gate check both of them?  (we didn't get him a separate seat).  We are flying on southwest.  flights leave at 7:10 am on the day out and 7pm on the way home.. I know you can bring formula on the plane but is there a limit to how much?  he drinks about 8 oz each sitting.  He also can't stay up more than 1 hour 45 mins without taking a nap.  usually his naps are done swaddled in the crib (unless he's in his carseat or stroller if we are out and about).  I'm afraid on the plane what he is going to do when he can't be swaddled, rocked, or anything.. i don't want him to scream (we've tried unswaddled, no rocker, etc when we were at a friend's house before and it was unsuccessful - he was screaming so we just went for a walk in the stroller and he fell asleep in seconds).  should i just feed him again to have him fall asleep in my arms so he doesn't distract anyone on the plane?  i've heard feeding on take off helps as well.. any advice, tips, etc that any of you have would be great!  by the way, it's an easy trip packing wise for us because my cousin has a pack n play for him to sleep in and has strollers out there for us to use (since he likes to sit upright and not in his snap n go in a lounge position), and even has a convertible carseat we could use so we don't need our base (but if use ours i saw ways to strap it in without the base as well). 

    Thanks for any input!

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    Re: Advice for flying

    I just read the old thread on flying and that helped.  still a few questions though.  what kind of bag did you all put your infant carseat in?  snap n go doesn't need a bag right?  I wonder if i should even bring the carseat if my cousin has one we could use...  but i don't have a cheap stroller other than the snap n go which it seems like would be easier in the airport?  also how did you get your infants to sleep on the plane?  did you walk up and down aisle or just try to rock them the best you could in your arms?  did they cry on the plane at all?  that's my fear.. i don't want to disrupt others.. 
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    Re: Advice for flying

    I understand your terror!  I felt the same way as you before our first flight.  There was a huge thread about this not too long ago, so there is lots of info on it. 

    I will say that flying domestically you should be fine.  They let you take on pretty much anything you want for a baby.  Formula, breastmilk, baby food, no problem.  We flew to London when my DD was 11 months back in March.  It was a pain because there are so many things to carry on, but no problem with taking anything you want (London was a different story though).  I also think most airlines will work with you so that if there are empty seats DS will be the first to get one.  So definitely bring the infant seat and snap and go so you can take advantage of an empty seat if they have one! 

    And good luck!!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Thanks Trouble!  did you bag up your carseat?  or was it ok at landing? 
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    Re: Advice for flying

    We were supposed to go away this summer but never ended up going, so I can't give you my insight. But the best advice I was given was to keep your credit card in your pocket and if your kid screams buy everyone around you a drink! :) 
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    Re: Advice for flying

    haha - i did think about that.. but at 7am??!! 
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Oh, riiight. oops. 
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Jan - I would recommend putting the car seat into a bag.  Anytime that we have flown I bag up our umbrella stroller and carseat - both bags have come out pretty beat up and dirty.  Thankfully the stroller and carseats have been intact inside.  For sleeping I did not get up, I fed DD at take off and landing - I think the white noise lulled her to sleep.  I also packed two travel bags, one had toys, books, etc and the other had diapers, extra clothes and that made it very easy for changing or needing something.  I almost forgot, I did give DD a dose of Tylenol before each flight.  I had talked to the dr about it and she said it was okay.  I figured if her ears were going to hurt I wanted her to be somewhat comfortable if possible.  One time DD was sick on the way home and threw up on me at landing.  I had plenty of extra clothes for her but nothing for me - couldn't hurt to pack yourself an extra something - Sure hope you won't need it though!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    You can bring as much formula/BM as you need for your baby.  We flew with DD when she was 9 months old and with DS when he was 7 months old (and DD was almost 3) but each time we bought a seat for all kids.  I don't know how southwest does it, but don't you need to wait in line for a seat or something like that?  Do you get priority boarding with a kid?

    As for entertainment stuff for a 6 mo. old, a couple toys should do.  We gate checked our stroller (I would suggest taking the snap n' go) and didn't bag it and it came out fine.  I know other people whose strollers were damaged when they flew.  
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Thanks guys.  KT - did you buy one of the bags from Babies R Us or did you use another type of bag?  we have our 6 month appt with the pediatrician this thursday so i'll ask about the tylenol there.  good idea on the two diaper bags too! 

    Lost - Southwest has the priority boarding first and then families with kids.. so at least it's before the regular line.  I plan to ask at the counter ahead of time if it's a full flight too and if not see if we can just bring the carseat on.

    I know he'll be fine for at least 1 1/2 hours but after that is when i'm afraid the fussiness will start but hopefully the noise and a small bottle will lull him to sleep.. he has never taken a pacifier.. for some reason hates it!

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    Re: Advice for flying

    Jan, We flew to Aruba which is about 5.5 hr trip with a 10 month old. 
    On the way we were fine on the way home he was a bit cranky but remember how loud a plane is, as long as the baby is not screaming at the top of its lungs only the 3 people near you will really hear and even then most have their head sets.  The white noise cuts everything else out. 
    We carried the foam ear plugs to offer to the people around us but did not need them. 
    Also if you are holding your baby - why cant you swaddle him?  You should be able to swaddle then we held our ds in our lap and bounced our legs till he fell asleep.  Just because you are on a plane does not mean he cant be swaddled and gently bounced in your arms. 
    My recommendation would be to have a small package of wipes, a changing pad and diaper easily accessible as you dont want to lug a huge diaper bag into the bathroom of an airplane.  We also kept a baby bottle of water handy for take off and landing incase he was not hungary but to help with the ears.  We also kept a handful of small toys: rattles, stuffed animal, book etc and rotated them out for entertainment.
    finally we used our graco stroller the big one and put it in those big red childress bags.  But I mainly kept him in the baby Ergo carrier through the airport so i could talk to him and keep him from being overstimulated as he was tucked into me.  We put our bags in the stroller and pushed them rather than carrying them.  We also saw about 5 other babies in Ergos as well.
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Oh, I had said to take the snap and go with infant seat so that if you do get a seat for your LO, you can use the car seat in it.  Otherwise, just gate check it.  We had those red bags for our stroller and one for the car seat.  We ended up being able to snag a seat for DD both going and coming back so we didn't need to gate check the car seat, but we did gate check the wheels in the bag.  So glad we did!  The bag came back looking as though it was in a fire!  I also recommend the changing pad clutch like Austin was saying.  We have one of these and it was so great just to take the clutch and not the entire huge diaper bag in the tiny airplane bathroom.

    stroller bag:

    diaper clutch:
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Thanks!  I ordered the gate check bag for the carseat from target just now.  hopefully it arrives in time.  I didn't order the stroller one as i didn't see this till after.  hopefully the snap n go will be ok!  :-) 

    I do have a diaper clutch thing and that is a GREAT idea.  thanks for the tip.

    I'll keep the swaddle in my carryon too in case, along with a bottle of water.. another good idea! 

    I'll def have the baby bjorn with me for the airport.  he likes to face out though and has never liked facing in..  he didn't even start liking the bjorn till over 3 months when he could really look out and see everything. 

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    Re: Advice for flying

    We've traveled with DS when he was 9 mo old-didn't buy him a seat, checked the convertable car seat in a bag-forget what's the name of it, but it's not the red one-I've heard those rip easily. Good thing about checking the carseat-they don't weigh it-and you can stuff random stuff in the back last minute (coats, etc.).

    DS who is not a frequent napper, sleeps on airplanes, the pressure and white noise puts him out. even traveling with him as a 2 year old he falls asleep during take off.

    When DS was 9 & 18 mo old we still had the paci, used that during take off, play wiht it to make sure they keep s ucking on it to release ear pressure. Definitely keep a small pouch with a diaper (or two) and wipes handy for a quick change. And a change of shirts for you (you will be wearing spit up or some food by the time you arrive at your destination).

    It's really not as bad as you think to travel with babies/toddlers-we've found most people to be sympathetic to you.

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    Re: Advice for flying

    Sorry Jan - I just checked this - Hope you are having (or had) a great trip!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    What everyone said above is great.  I would add: zip loc bags.  Lots of them.  Change of clothes for you and DH as well as DS. 

    I packed formula in one of those powder dispensers then just bought a bottle of water at room temp after security.  (I usually use tap, but I figured a few bottled water bottles wasn't the end of the world, and easier).  I double-diapered DD in case of blow-out.  I confess, I didn't change her on the airplane (I would have for p**p).  We had a connection, though (NEVER AGAIN). 

    Definitely compartmentalize your carry-on(s) so that you can reach into one bag for toys/food, one for clothes/diapers and make life easy.  Don't pack too many toys -- one board book, Sophie the giraffe, and one little rattle was enough for us.  We just passed DD back and forth and rotated toys.  She didn't make a peep the whole trip, although, in full disclosure, she was actively teething so we had given her Tylenol.  She just napped, smiled and waved at people. 

    Also, check with the airline about baggage fees.  We didn't have to pay for ... I think strollers, carseats ... there was something else.  We stupidly checked the stroller on our way down to FL thinking I'd wear her in the sling -- don't do that.  That was a disaster.  Bring the stroller. 

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    Re: Advice for flying

    I have covered a lot of advice in previous travel related threads, but I will add a few things here since I don't know which ones you have seen, so sorry if I am repeating myself (or other posters).

    Definitely bring extra clothes for your LO and yourself. Pack them in ziploc bags so you can squish them, plus you will have the bag for the soiled item.

    Extra ziplocs are a must (I know someone else just posted, but it is SO true.

    Try to check in on Southwest as early as possible - Parents with small children boarding is after the A group, so if you can check in early enough to be in the A group, you will be ahead of the other families (Now that DD is over 2 and needs her own seat, I am considering paying the extra fee to be at the head of the line when being ready to go online exactly 24 hours ahead isn't feasible.)

    The stroller is great for going through the airport - I know you mentioned you aren't connecting, but with connections it is critical. Gate check it (in a bag if possible, but make sure you remove any detachable parts (like cupholders/sun awnings that come off easily) if you don't have a bag. I don't know what they do to them getting them on/off the plane, but they certainly aren't gentle!)

    Bring extra formula/breastmilk, diapers, snacks or other babyfood in case you get delayed or stuck in transit (We missed a connection due to mechanical issues and spent the night in Chicago, thank goodness I had "overpacked") 

    Don't overthink or overpack the toys, though. You'd be amazed at how long the safety card or in flight magazine can entertain a little baby. 

    I know you are lap carrying this time, but I am a strong advocate of buying a seat for an infant, just so you can use the carseat for safety's sake. Just my two cents.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    Southwest is awesome because if you aren't on a full flight (ask at the ticket counter when you check in) you and your husband can bogart the seats.  Just bring the carseat on board and stick in in the window seat of your aisle.  No one needs to know you didn't pay for the seat, and the flight attendents will openly advocate for you to bring on the carseat if you have one becuase it is the safest thing on the flight.  Its great!  I even did that with my two year old.  If the flight becomes full at the last minute (I always check once more at the ticket counter at the gate) then you just gate check the carseat, no biggie.  Also bring the stroller right to the gate and gate check it.

    I always hold the baby for takeoff/landing and nurse.  They don't seem to have a problem with that.

    You can bring on as many liquids (even water bottles) as you want if you have a baby.  I always bring an extra for myself, too!  Hey, they don't need to know.  They don't need to be sealed, and they don't seem to care. Just claim them at security.

    The white noise of the plane lulls even the pickiest of babies off to sleep.  Esp with such a short flight, you are going to be ok.  I like having the carseat because it makes it easier for baby to fall asleep.  Plus, the white noise honestly drowns out a lot of the fussing and crying that goes on!

    Happy Flying!

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    Re: Advice for flying

    Thanks Everyone - Great Tips!!  We leave tomorrow morning at 7am!  I bought the red gate check bag for the carseat but the stroller bag i didn't have time to order and get so it's gonna have to be a no go.. at least it's just a snap n go..  Also, big news is last Thursday we broke the swaddle habit and he's now sleeping in sleep sacks!!!  YAY!!  since we did it, he's been making it at least 7:45 till 4:30 in the morning.. couple times he made it till 6:30 am and 7am!  Love the no swaddle and wish i broke it two weeks earlier when we first started having the problems with him busting out of it and waking himself up.  first night we broke it was the only night of him startling himself with his arms and that was it!  :-)  should help for the flight!  I looked online yesterday and they were still selling seats for our flight so i'm hoping it's not full but i'll keep checking!  thanks everyone!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    oh and I think our DS is now teething too.. it has to be.  he's generally not fussy until the late hours of the day (witching hours) and for some reason the last 2-3 days he's been doing this whining/grunting thing all day long unless he's eating or chomping on something...  and he's been going to town on sophie's legs too!!  I'm debating bringing tylenol on the flight just in case.. or motrin/advil.. not sure which is better.  I've been hearing it's better to give the motrin over the tylenol if need be for teething and on the plane since it helps with inflammation.  I have only ever given him tylenol once in his 6 months of life so i'm hesitant unless he needs it but it's probably safe to have on me!
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    Re: Advice for flying

    I'd bring the tylenol.  Also, do you have those rings that snap onto the stroller?  Attach his binky/toys to that if possible so that when he hurls his binky away mid-flight -- and he will -- you can retrieve it easily.  Also: have wipes & Purell handy.  I have binky wipes but anything will do in a pinch.  I wiped down almost anything DD touched.  I'm not normally super germ-phobic, but I make exceptions for airline travel.